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Calvin Hoyle Garner 1
From: 1941 1

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My father Calvin Hoyle Garner served his country for 28 years. The first four years were in the Navy during WWII. The remaining years were spent as U.S. Army Chaplain. He served in Vietnam from 1966 - 1967 at Quang Nai.

Retired Chaplain Col. Calvin Hoyle Garner was a very fine Chrisitian man. A wonderful person who was well loved by all people, especially his loving family. I remember my own precious father telling me that when he and Col. Garner's, parent's heard of the bombing that Col. Garner's own mother could not sleep until she found out if he was O.K. He was a great inspiration to a lot of people especially those of us in the Garner family. He is truly missed by all.....

Thanks for sharing his story.

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