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Massacres in Centralia


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The Ghost of Hangman's Bridge

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One of many film posters I made.

The man in the box, his peers surrounding the box and the sheriff watching the box.  Who is this man in the box? 

He was an IWW (Industrial Worker's of the World) member and a Veteran of the US Army.  He was stripped from his uniform and lynched from the bridge hanging in the nude while people honking their car horns and yelling from thier horses.  He was lynched for being a member of the IWW (radical). 


more info will be added in couple of days...

Ursula R-C, producing the film regarding the incident.


  • Centralia, Wa
  • 11 November 1919

Contributor: ursrichcopp
Created: February 6, 2009 · Modified: January 15, 2012

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