25 May 1860 1
West Topsham, Orange, Vermont, USA 1

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25 May 1860 1
West Topsham, Orange, Vermont, USA 1
Female 1
Mother: Huldah P. Smith 1
Father: Daniel Hiram Bixby 1
Charles Albe Cowing 1
15 Nov 1884 1
Meredith, Belknap, New Hampshire, USA 1

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Mary Abbie Bixby

Meredith, New Hampshire

She was Joe Woodward Cowing's Great-Grandmother.

Letter from Kendall W. Cowing, March, 2006

She would say to her grandchildren, "Now remember that your "Gram" was born in the shadow of the Green Mountains!" One of her favorite recitations began, "Now Ichabod Green was a green country lad, and he came from the Green Mountain State ....."

Mary Abbie Bixby was born into a family that has been largely male for over 100 years. She was the only daughter of Danile Hiram Bixby and Huldah Smith Bixby. Shed had four brothers. When she was five years old the family moved to Meredith, New Hampshire. Chesley Bixby, quoted Uncle Will Bixby as saying, "It was the Smiths who had the brains in the family." (The Meredith Library is designated as the Smith Memorial Library and was probably endowed by them.)

Mary Abbie (Bixby) Cowing lived a fulfilling and complete life. She raised a family of three boys, (Eugene, Charles, and Earl) in Meredith and built an enviable record of service to individuals and families throughout the community. She played an active role in civic affairs and was much in demand for programs and social affairs. She and my father (Earl B.) had a very close relationship which he expressed eloquently in his poetry across the years.

Mary Abbie (the only Bixby woman of her generation) provided warmth and strength to the bonding of the Bixby family including nursing and household assistance when needed. While the Bixby men (William, George, Carl, Chesley, and Henry) labored to achieve success in the arenas of business and community service on boards and organizations ......they were (and are) supported by the strong women they chose to share their life and career with. Chesley often spoke of "Aunt Abbie" with respect and affection .... reflecting on the many ways she shared and influenced the Bixby families.

Truly, "The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world"!

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