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French Nursing Uniforms WWI - French Zouave Uniform


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Can anyone identify these uniforms?


The woman in the pictures, Aline Cretton Renault, was born in Switzerland, July 1875.  She arrived in New York about 1890.  She married Joseph Renault, who was born in France, February 1872.  Joseph and Aline were living in Philadelphia, PA in 1910.  Joseph Renault died in Philadelphia, PA, November 1914 and Aline was in Philadelphia at that time. 

Photographs, taken by her second husband, indicate Aline had returned to the Philadelphia area c, 1921-22.  About 1951, Aline told me she had been a masseuse nurse.  I had always thought she was with the Red Cross.  The military style uniform she is wearing suggests she was not with Red Cross but was with the French military.  

The man in the French Zouave uniform was her brother-in-law, Jules Renault. 

Please contact me if you can provide any information about these uniforms. Thanks.  

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