15 Jan 1920 1
18 Aug 2008 1

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Louis James Harbor 1
15 Jan 1920 1
18 Aug 2008 1
Last Residence: San Jose, CA 1
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Card Issued: California 1

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Louis (Hrabko) Harbor (Page 1 of 2)


321stBG, 445thBS, MTO/WW II

My dad, Louis Hrabko, died on Monday, August 18, 2008. He was with the 12th Air Force, 57th Bomb Wing, 321 Bomb Group, 445th Bomb Squadron, stationed at Falconara Air Base in Anconia, Italy. He flew b-25s. For the past year, my dad was unable to access his email so I monitored his account twice a week. I always printed the news and questions you sent to the group. Most recently, I printed the article that was in the Times. He SO enjoyed reading that.

...just wanted you to know that one of your buddies, my quiet Dad, has gone from this earth.
Sincerely,  Jann Harbor (Proud Daughter)

Lou Harbor, 321st Bomb Group, 445th Bomb Squadron


     I had the priviledge of "speaking" with Lou on the computer, through email, he was a sweet person and must have loved a joke too !  He challenged me to "say" his name, I told him I would, that I COULD !  I wrote " hRRAB-kO" !  He wrote me back and said  "I DID do well, very well !"   :) 

     We only had a few conversations, but I loved him.  It is sad that our Heroes are "Going-Home/Flying High" but indeed, they have graced our lives with their wisdom, their wit, OUR Greatest Generation !  I can say that wih Pride because my own father/Ed Ennis also lived a long life, over 90 (1914-2005)  It is entirely my pleasure to continue on with the "KIDS" as we so confidently call ourselves, and record the actual events that happened in WW II.  Lou's daughter Jann is as sweet too, and will be finding stories and pictures, we will continue to add to Lou's Story as long as we continue to remember.

   Blessings, Barbi Ennis Connolly, 321st BG Historian  Additions/corrections... Know anyone in the 57th Bomb Wing ?  Please email me.

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