Albert D Steele

Albert D Steele

World War II · US Army
World War II (1939 - 1945)
Source Of Army Personnel

Civil Life

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Selectees (Enlisted Men)

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Conflict Period

World War II

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Branch Immaterial - Warrant Officers, USA

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United States of America

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Stories about Albert D Steele

His Early Years

  • Percy, Randolph, Illinois

My Grandma told me that my dad was her 3rd and smallest baby, weighing only six pounds. His twin brother, Alvin, weighed six and a half pounds. His Aunt Mary Steele was the midwife who helped bring him into the world.  He had an older sister, Florence, who was three years old when he was born, and a brother, Murrell, who was two. Grandma used to brag that she had four babies under four years old and lived through it. Grandma continued to have babies until she had six sons and two daughters.

They lived on a farm which was near a woods. Dad told stories about the woods. He went to school, but often had to stay home to work the farm. He only completed the sixth grade. When he was fourteen he joined a church and was baptized at Blackstump, in Randolph Co., Illinois. He told me he could drive a team of horses and loved to ride. He often took me horseback riding when I was young.

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