Jasper Newton Pritchard

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Jasper Newton Pritchard


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Lee's surrender

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Mississippi State Department of Health, death certificate 4473 (1937), Jasper Newton Pritchard, Vital Statistics, Jackson.
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Jasper Newton Pritchard was born 06 Aug 1840 in Virginia fought for the Union in Company K 10 West Virginia Infantry during the Civil War.  According to family tradition, he was present when General Robert E. Lee surrendered his sword to General Ulysses S Grant ending the war.  After the war, Jasper married and moved his family from West Virginia to Circleville, Ohio and lived near Circleville for several years.  He travelled to Gulfport, Mississippi during the holidays and stayed with his daughter Altie and her husband.  He was married three times:  first to Mary Martha Bird, then to Mardulla Merline (Horner) Goff, and finally to Cora Bell (Speakman) Bethel.  He and his third wife Cora along with her son Raymond Albert Bethel moved to Gulfport, Mississippi to be with Jasper's granddaughter Altie Pritchard.  He died in Gulfport Mississippi 09 Mar 1937.  After he died, his wife Cora moved back to Ohio later and died there.

  • Appomatox Court House
  • 21 Apr 1865

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