Bynum Documents

Bynum Documents


BYNUM surname documents. (Related to me or not.) I only added documents that had some interesting genealogical information.

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Sandy Bynum - Southern Claims Commission

  • Madison Co., Alabama

Claim #: 51235

Total Pages: 51

Nature of Claim: One Sorrel Horse

Amount Claimed: $150

Amount allowed: $110

From page 2 under remarks:

The claimant is a colored man, was a slave. He was allowed to own property before the war, & carried on the livery business. --- No doubt of his loyalty. Was arrested by Raddy's men & sentenced to be shot - but by intercession of a white man was saved.-

From Deposition (page 15)

My name is Sandy Bynum, aged fifty one years. I reside in Huntsville Alabama and have resided here ever since the year 1855. My occupation nothing just now.

To question numbered seventy the witness answers,

My mother was a slave at the beginning of the war; although I have done pretty much as I pleased all my life. I became free under the law resulting from the war. For several years before the war I was in the livery stable [Unknown] in Huntsville and was allowed to have all I made. I bought the horse before the war broke out he was then a colt & was four years old at the beginning of the war. My mother belonged formerly to Mr Drew Bynum, who was my father. Before his death, she married a man who was free born, named Richard Jones, and lived with him until his death. Although she was not regularly emancipated, she was not considered a slave after her marriage. I bought the horse claimed from Lafayette Robins on who was my brother in law. I worked for the money with which I paid for it. No person beside myself has any interest in this claim. [Emphasis added by page owner.]

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