Conflict Period:
World War II 1
Army 1
1921 1
Colorado 1
06 Apr 2017 2
Colo. 2

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Personal Details

Also known as:
Lt. B-25 Pilot, MTO, WWII 2
Leno L Miron 1
Level of Education: 4 years of high school 1
Marital Status: Married 1
1921 1
Colorado 1
06 Apr 2017 2
Colo. 2
Place: Logan County, Colorado 1

World War II 1

Army 1
Enlistment Date:
22 Jul 1942 1
Army Branch:
Branch Immaterial - Warrant Officers, USA 1
Army Serial Number:
17087575 1
Enlistment Place:
Denver Colorado 1
Enlistment Term:
Enlistment for the duration of the War or other emergency, plus six months, subject to the discretion of the President or otherwise according to law 1
Source of Army Personnel:
Civil Life 1
General farmers 1
Race or Ethnicity:
White 1
Source Information:
Box Number: 0249 1
Film Reel Number: 2.106 1

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Lt Leno L Miron, 321st Bomb Group B-25 Pilot WWII MTO


Leno L Miron was born in Colorado in 1921.  He enlisted in ARMY the on 22 July, 1942 from Denver Colorado.  He was married at enlistment, had completed high school and was working on the farm.  ( 17087575  ) He became an AAC B-25 Pilot.

321st Bomb Group, 445th Bomb Squad, B-25's in the MTO, Combat Missions over Italy.

Leno L. Miron: Social Security Death Index (SSDI) Death Record
Name: Leno L. Miron
Date of Birth: Friday April 01, 1921
Date of Death: Friday April 06, 2001
Est. Age at death: 80 years, 5 days
Confirmation: Proven
State of Issue; COLORADO

Barbi Ennis Connolly, 321st Bomb Group Historian in the 57th Bomb Wing

b-25 Pilot's STORY (By Dan P Bowling)


Read a REALLY Amazing true story of the Journey that our young "men". . . some still comsidered 'boys' as they entered the WWII with GUSTO.... All wanted to be Pilots, OK, Most!

   All were quietly Heroic. . . all were needed in some capacity.  Read this heartfelt - heartbreak story of what our boys endured to get where they were meant to be.  Read about Courage.... more than Courage...  "Courage with Honor"

"Follow P-D-I" by Dan P Bowling Dan Bowling Parker

Barbara Ennis Connolly, 321st Bomb Group Historian in the 57th Bomb Wing.

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