My Family History

My Family History


stories about my family(as told to me from my grandmother)

Stories about My Family History

Greg Lee

  • Marysville,Ca.

**                                                  GREG LEE**

I was born October 26, 1961 to Billie (Toon)Lee and Johnathan Larue. It was put on my birth certificate that Kenneth Lee was my father, as I found out later Johnathan Larue was my real father. I never did get to spend to much time with Johnny, but what little time I did spend with him (and remember it), I enjoyed it. I do remember when I was very young(not sure of how old I was (before 10), my mother and myself went to some bowling alley, and mom and what I now know was Johnny sat and talked for what seemed like hours, they kept giving me money to go play games and get me something to eat. The next memory of him I have, is when I was 14 and he came and got me and I went and spent a week with him and his wife(Pat), and daughter(Dusty). We went to Camp Clear Lake Creek. He brought his motorcycles along. They all had their own bikes, and dad(Johnny) had a extra one for me to ride. Me and my sister(Dusty) rode all over the mountains and we talked and got to know each other fairly well. I did spend a little time with my stepmother(Pat), and got to know her as well. I didn't get to spend very much time one on one with Johnny, but I did get to spend time with him. I lost all contact with him since then and haven't been able to reach him or get a hold of him. I still would like to talk to him now even, just so he could find out he has a grandson.  For anyone who reads this please understand that I am just starting out and this story will get alot longer and alot weirder. The more I learn about my family history the more I will put in here. So if you think you know me or any of my family, please write me and give me all of the info you have.  FAMILY LAST NAMES: MUNDY, STIDHAM, TOON,LARUE. Thank you for your time and info.

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