Allen Ellsworth LARMAN, Jr.

Allen Ellsworth LARMAN, Jr.

Allen Ellsworth LARMAN, Jr

  • Washington DC-Virginia

I have some info on Allen Ellsworth LARMAN, Jr., beginning with the 1900 fed census taken in Washington DC.  Allen Ellsworth LARMAN, Sr., had a son also, named Allen Ellsworth LARMAN, apparently there is some info on the same one on the "net" I guess so-I'll put that here, however I didn't know this brother of my Grandmother was ever married?.

LARMAN, Allen Ellsworth 1899--1986 US ARMY WWI (Death Record Has
31 Dec 1899 - 15 Apr 1986 Wid of
Mary May)
LARMAN, Mary Elizabeth 05 Feb 1898 - 10 Nov 1969 Wife of Allen

These sure seem to be the same one's?

Social Security Death Index
about Allen E. Larman Name: Allen E. Larman SSN: 718-05-0261 Born: 31 Dec 1899 Died: 17 Apr 1986 State (Year) SSN issued: Railroad Board (Issued Through) (Before 1951) Allen Ellsworth Larman Birth: 31 Dec 1898
Washington City, District Of Columbia, District of Columbia, USA Death: 1986


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Add a life event Timeline **1898 ** 31 Dec _Birth _ BirthWashington City, District Of Columbia, District of Columbia, USA<a>

</a><a>1 historical record</a>

**1900 **  _Age: 2 _ ResidenceWashington, Washington, District of Columbia<a>

</a><a>1 historical record</a>

**1986 **  _Age: 88 _ DeathVA

Allens limp.

  • District of Columbia, virginia

My father Howard Irving LEWIS, is now age 90, Allen would have been his uncle, (also, may be spelled Allan<).  According to my father Allen or I think they also, called him "Buddy" had a severely impared leg.  For some reason, I think he got a leg injury from a train.  Anyway, note on his draft, which is very light-writing, which can hardly be read it says noticible limp"<

My father when he was talking said, he's leg injury was severe and yes he thought it may have occurred from a train, but couldn't remember, I just remember them talking many, many years ago, so ah well, believe what you want!

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