Watergate Scandal & Investigation

Watergate Scandal & Investigation


Watergate became the scandal that overshadowed the early seventies and resulted in the first-ever Presidential resignation. Resulting from the investigative work of two “Washington Post” reporters and a dedicated Senate Committee, the truth surrounding a burglary on June 17, 1972, revealed a plot to spy, spurn, and destroy the Democratic Presidential Campaign. The cover-up reached the upper echelons of the national government, and was the first instance in American history when the President of the United States betrayed the American people for political gain.

Woodward and Bernstein's Notes from "Deep Throat"

  • Washington, D.C.
Washington Post Reporters

The Washington Post reporters Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward became famous for their investigations into the Watergate scandal. They exposed the illegal actions of numerous White House officials through their confidential source “Deep Throat.” After the resolution of the scandal and Nixon’s resignation, Deep Throat took on a mythical persona, and guessing his identity became a frequent game for Americans. In 2005, Vanity Fair magazine unmasked Deep Throat as former FBI agent Mark Felt. Felt assisted Woodward in the Watergate investigation by giving him inside information about the burglary, confirming or denying tips given The Post, and, in often cryptic form, telling the men which leads to pursue. Notes from several meetings between Woodward and Felt reveal the crimes of many White House officials who were eventually convicted from the Watergate affair. Through his secretive efforts, Felt provided the reporters, and the American people, with information that exposed the criminals involved in the Watergate affair. Felt’s information brought the guilty to justice and restored America’s rule by law and not rule by the whims of men.

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