Some info on some HANDIBOE'S/HANDEBO'S. Some, info/ link's for both HANDIBOE/HANDEBO & LEWIS'. The original HANDIBOE/HANDEBO'S & a few other spellings of that "surname", originally came from IRELAND. The HANDIBOE'S, who came into the US, via CANADA, settled in Columbus, OHIO, early 1830's. Pre-Potatoe-Famine, IRISH. The HANDEBO'S who were among the first settlers in Australia, were there as a result of the PENAL COLONY. James & Mary WALSH-HANDIBOE, were the first HANDIBOE'S, in the US.


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Full Name:
John Henry LEWIS 1
Also known as:
John H. Lewis 1
Soldier,builder 1
Civil-War, Washington DC 1

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My father is a Howard Irving LEWIS, born August 1918, in Washington DC. his mother was a LARMAN-LEWIS-LAWLOR. LAWLOR, at her death.

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