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B-17F 'Sweet Le Lani' (Serial 42-30028) Accident Report


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Statement made by 2nd Lt. Harold R Hytinen of 534th Bombardment Squadron (E).

On August 17, 1943, at approximately 1420 Hours, while flying as Co-Pilot in aeroplane no. 42-3118, I saw a B-17F with serial Number 42-30028 go down the result of an enemy fighter attack near Vogelsand, Germany. The Number three (3) engine was on fire.

The entire crew bailed out and the crew I was with counted ten (10) open parachutes. The aeroplane was evidently on automatic flight control for it went into a long normal glide.

The objective on this raid was Sweinfurt, Germany.


  • 21 Aug 1943

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