JFK riding in motorcade in Dallas, Texas

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U.S. President John F. Kennedy Assassinated


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Lee Harvey Oswald--The Lone Gunman?

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When asked if he killed President Kennedy, Lee Harvey Oswald responded that he was just “a patsy” for the police and government. While several investigations reached the conclusion that Oswald killed JFK, many Americans and historians still wonder if the “lone gunman” theory tells the true story. Two bullets entered President Kennedy’s body and evidence led police to a gun Oswald purchased. But many, including the House Select Committee on Assassinations, theorize that a second shooter on a nearby “grassy-knoll” also aimed for Kennedy, but missed. The Committee also suspected a larger conspiracy in the President’s death over the “lone gunman” idea. Whether Oswald truly shot President Kennedy on his own accord that day, whether he was part of a larger conspiracy to kill JFK, or whether he actually did not commit the crime, we may never know. The mystery that shrouds President Kennedy’s death remains.

  • Dallas, Texas

Contributor: Clio
Created: September 9, 2008 · Modified: December 9, 2008

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