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Wright Brothers Fly Plane at Kitty Hawk, NC


Orville and Wilbur Wright took their flying machine to Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, early one morning in December. Counting on the weather to assist in their flight, the brothers tried out their improved flying machine and succeeded in flying for a short 12 seconds. After this remarkable milestone, the brothers succeeded in developing and selling their airplane. Their dedication and the success of their invention introduced a new era where flight would test human limits and play an important role in war and travel.


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Wright Brothers' Patent


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What made the Wright Brothers’ airplane so different? The brothers invented the “three-axis-control,” which made it possible for a pilot to steer the plane and maintain equilibrium. With the three-axis-control, the Wright brothers experimented with wind tunnel tests rather than stronger engines. The end result was the first flying machine upon which all modern airplanes base their designs. This airplane played a critical part in World War I and World War II, and made the world smaller and more connected.

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Event Details

Name: Wright Brother First Flight 1
First Wright Flying Machine:
Engine: Horizontal 4-cylinder, water-cooled, 12 horsepower 2
Height: 2.8 m (9 ft 4 in) 2
Length: 6.4 m (21 ft 1 in) 2
Weight: 341 kg (750 lb), 2
Wing Area: 47.4 sq m (510 sq ft) 2
Wingspan: 12.3 m (40 ft 4 in) 2
First Flight by Wright Brothers:
17 Dec 1903 1
Orville Wright Born:
19 Aug 1871 1
Orville Wright Died:
30 Jan 1948 1
Wilbur Wright Born:
16 Apr 1867 1
Wilbur Wright Died:
30 May 1912 1
Patent Application:
Number #821,393, submitted in 1903 1
Duration of flight:
12 seconds at 120 feet 1
Wright Brothers Profession:
Owned Bicycle Shop in Dayton, Ohio 1
Time of flight:
10:35 am 1
People or Groups:
Name: Wilbur Wright 1
Role: Co-inventor of flying machine 1
People or Groups:
Name: Orville Wright 1
Role: Flew flying machine 1
Location: Kitty Hawk, North Carolina 1
Orville Wright, about Kitty Hawk: “We came down here for wind and sand, and we have got them.” 1

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