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my wonderful grandma=]

  • port huron ,mi

this is a story of my wonderful grandma carol ann harvey

she is my dads mom..she has two kids ;robert harvey&brenda harvey

her life was cut shot due to cancer..she was awesome she would do ANYTHING
for ANYONE...she had 4 grand kids that i know of ;me my 2brothers and her daughters daughter..i only got to see her once  that i remember and that

was in 2007 cause she lives in vegas and i live in michigan i seen her alot wen i was a baby but i dont really remember that i wish i did...she was happy with her life and workedd at the faboulus mgm grand as room srevice ;;on slow days at work she used to write me letters i saved EVERY single one of them i miss not getting them in the mail anymoree.  she was plain amazzinggg i love her and miss her sooo much im gonna stop cause im starting to get teary

**       iloveyouu**

**       imissyouu**

rip.carol harvey

6-20-2008 'gonee but NEVER forgotten'

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