25 Aug 1927 1
15 Jun 2008 1

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Full Name:
Margaret L Roddey 1
25 Aug 1927 1
15 Jun 2008 1
Last Residence: Kings Mountain, NC 1
Social Security:
Card Issued: Unknown Code (PE) 1

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Universal Love=Tough Love

Columbus, Ohio

If i can see you again in the place thats designated for me ill make you proud for all to see just because im called crazy doesnt really mean im dumb all i want to have is love a little laughter and sometimes hugs and be prepared cause i love to sing and make you think remembering me All these clues grandma what to do especially when i lost a screw it is loose right now i lost my dreams a big ol plot still terrorizes me they laugh like its nice but i dont think they came polite and even if its a test why make me jesus like im some mess I think life has been grand even in death ill understand Prime Time love affair connected so much to the root of my hairs the follicle rised the static built ill believe kinship when i feel it Goblins everywhere but its the truth.

I found the root it was Ann Roddey Annie are you okay

I see you sent Maude to Oakland, California and my great uncle was lost but my fathers brother David was lost too when he came to Columbus after Maude met grandpa Dell C Roddey. David i care

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