Female hangings 1632 to 1900

Female hangings 1632 to 1900


It is thought that altogether around 505 women were put to death in the U. S. between 1608 and 1900. At least eight teenage girls were hanged. Hannah Ocuish being, at just 12 years old, probably the youngest person to be executed in America. Rebecca Nurse was the oldest at 71. She was hanged for witchcraft at Salem Mass. on July 19, 1692.

Stories about Female hangings 1632 to 1900


    July 31, 1735 - 23 year old Patience Sampson, a Native American, was hanged at York, in Maine for the murder of 8 year old Benjamin Trot, whom she had hurled down a well where he drowned. (She was the second woman in this state, a Mrs. Cornish having been hanged there for murder in 1644, but there are no other details of  her crime.)

    On May 3, 1738 - 27 year old Catherine Garrett, a Native American, was hanged in Connecticut for murder.

    July 26, 1781 - 35 year old Molly Glass, an African American, was hanged in Louisiana for murder.

    On December 20, 1786 - Hannah Ocuish, a Native American, was hanged in Connecticut for the murder of another child. She was the youngest girl to be executed in America, at just 12 years and 9 months old. She was convicted in New London of beating and choking 6 year old Eunice Bolles to death out of revenge. A few weeks previous to the killing, Eunice had reported Hannah for stealing fruit.

    September 30, 1814 - 20 year old Mary Antoine, a Native American, was hanged in New York for murder.

    In 1831, Mary Johnson, a 22-year-old servant girl, was convicted of slitting the throats of her elderly master and mistress while they lay in bed.

    as she was being dropped, the actual murderer confessed to killing the old couple. So convincing was he that Mary was cut down. They set about reviving her, perhaps mindful of the tradition that says anyone who survives a hanging must be pardoned, guilty or not, but to the lasting horror of all, she was irretrievably dead.

    September 30, 1838 - A 19 year old African American, named Mary, was hanged in Missouri for murder.

    April 26, 1844 - 16 year old Rosanne Keen, an African American domestic servant, was hanged in New Jersey for murder.

    September 22. - 1848. A slave, known only as Celia, became the first and only woman to be hanged in Florida. She was executed for the killing of her master, Jacob Bryan, whom she battered to death with a hoe. It has been suggested that Celia was Bryan's daughter.

    December 11, 1849 – 25 year old Phoebe (Shepherd), an African American, was hanged in Alabama for murder.

    September 10, 1852 - Jane Williams and her husband John, both black slaves, died side by side for the slaying of their master's wife and child at Richmond, Virginia. The execution drew a crowd of 6,000. The state offered to pay Jane's owner $500 compensation for taking away his property by executing them!

    February 26, 1858 - On this day 30 year old Jenny (Hall), an African American, was hanged in Virginia for murder.

    March 5, 1858 - 40 year old Lucy (Dougherty), an African American slave, was hanged in Texas for murder.

    On the 26th of April 1861 - Paula Angel, a 19 year old Hispanic girl, was hanged by Sheriff Herrera in San Miguel County, New Mexico for the murder of her married boyfriend, whom she had stabbed to death when he refused to leave his wife for her. She was taken from the jail in a wagon to a suitable tree from which she was to hang.  When they arrived at the place of execution, Paula put up such a fight with the sheriff as she stood on the back of the wagon, that he had to start over and get her properly tied up before he could draw the wagon from under her.

    Friday, November 13, 1863 - Chipita Rodriguez was hanged from a tree in Texas for the ax murder of horse trader John Savage. She was taken to her execution on that Friday afternoon sitting side saddle on a horse and wearing a new blue dress made for her by the town's women. She denied her guilt to the last and after she had said her final words "No soy culpable" (I am not guilty) the horse was led away from under her.

    On March 10, 1865 -17 year old Amy Spain, an African American, was hanged from a tree in the town of Darlington, South Carolina for treason and conduct unbecoming a slave. When she heard that the Union army was close at hand and would occupy the town she expressed her satisfaction by clasping her hands and exclaiming, "Bless the Lord the Yankees have come!" For her it should have meant the end of slavery, but the townsfolk saw it differently.

    February 7, 1868 - Youth was no bar to execution in the 19th century! On this day, a 13 year old African American girl, named Susan, was hanged in Kentucky for murder. She was a babysitter and was accused of killing one of her charges. According to a local newspaper she "writhed and twisted and jerked many times." It was reported that many "solid citizens" asked for a piece of her hanging rope for a souvenir after they cut her down.

    February 10, 1871 - 17 year old Mary Wallis, an African American, was hanged in Maryland for murder.

    November 26, 1875 - 24 year old Alcee Harris, an African American, was hanged at Ouachita, Louisiana for murder. Afraid that her husband, Henry, was going to kill her after they had been quarrelling, she persuaded a friend, Toney Nellum, to kill him with an ax. Both confessed to their parts in the crime and they were executed side by side on a gallows set up outside the courthouse, in front of a crowd estimated at 5,000. Alcee wore a white dress for the hanging. Both prisoners were given quite a short drop and while Alcee died fairly quickly, Toney struggled for some time after the trap fell at 10:26 a.m. on that Friday morning.

    April 22, 1881 - A crowd of about 100 gathered outside the County Jail in Lunenburg County, Virginia for the private hanging of Lucinda Fowlkes (black, age unknown) who had murdered her husband with an ax. It was alleged that her husband abused her.

    June 23, 1882 - Lucinda Tisdale (black, age unknown) became one of four people hanged this day at Kingstree, South Carolina. She was executed beside Anderson Singleton for the murder of his wife (who was Lucinda's sister). Two other men were hanged for arson and robbery from the same gallows later in the day.

    October 19, 1883 - 18 year old Margaret Harris (black) was hanged at Calhoun, Georgia  for poisoning a young girl called Lela Lewis. Some 3,500 people came to witness this execution, including many women.

    January 21, 1888 - 19 year old Pauline McCoy, an African American, was hanged in Alabama for the murder of Annie Jordan, a teenage white girl. The apparent motive was to steal Annie's shoes.

    January 22, 1892 - Caroline Shipp (age 18, race unknown) was publicly hanged in Gaston, North Carolina for murder. She was given a handkerchief to hold and then drop when she was ready for the trap to be sprung. The girl kicked long enough that two men came forward to pull on her legs. Caroline was left hanging all day, and it was reported that people brought their picnic lunches to her execution!

    Also on this day, Margaret Lashley and her boyfriend James Lyles (both black) were hanged in Danville, Virginia for the murder of Margaret's husband. Margaret had been convicted of being an accessory to the murder.

    On October 7, 1892 - 14 year old Milbry Brown, an African American, was hanged in South Carolina for killing a white child. Her age is disputed and she may have been 18 rather than 14 years old.

    November 22, 1895 - Amanda Cody (black) and Florence English (black male) went to the gallows in private at Warrenton, Georgia. These two were having an affair and were hanged for the murder of Amanda's husband, Cicero.

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