04 Jul 1937 1
11 Sep 2006 1

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Jose Berrios 1
04 Jul 1937 1
11 Sep 2006 1
Last Residence: Ozone Park, NY 1

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A Slice of Life 1971

Brooklyn, NY

While I was playing music for the Christmas day family get together, Jose and a few friends and neighbors had a drinking challenge. Jose had quite a few extras and passed out on the couch. When I began playing Johnny Nash's "Hold me tight" his foot began to move to the beat. Although he was out of it, he somehow always reacted to that song. He loved the family and I am proud and honored to have him be in my life, we always said Jose was a patriotic person, since he was born on July 4th, but to think he died on 911.

Jose we miss you and I know that your loved to celebrate your birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, July 4, 2010

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