Early America Collection

Early America Collection


Records relating to the settlement of America, the War for Independence, and the foundation of the United States government.

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    Creating a government for the new United States of America was a formative endeavor by men with visions of a just and democratic system for all. Through debate, wisdom, experience, and plenty of mistakes, they launched a great and rather successful government that became a model to other nations around the world.

    In the Early America Collection, you can explore the early months and years of America's history through the words of the founding fathers, and even those who came before them. Read the private letters and public reports penned by influential leaders dedicated to forming a great nation with a strong and fair government. The infancy of democracy, rife with differences of opinion on slavery, Indian treaties, taxation, and interstate commerce, makes for fascinating reading especially when you view the original records from which our government emerged.

    Whether they be from the colonial, state, or federal level, documents within this collection lay down important rules and procedures for assuring that the new land remain free from tyranny and prepared to meet the future. Powerful men are seen in a more intimate light as we view their handwriting, read their private concerns, and try to understand their consciences. Vital decisions are made within these pages.

    Within these documents you can see first-hand how General Washington financed his troops, figure out what the big fuss about interstate commerce was all about, discover an early marriage record, locate a soldier in the Continental Army, and view the signatures of famous men. No longer will you need to pore over microfilm, make a trip to Washington, or rely on another scholar's interpretation of historic documents. You will find them here.

    If you've ever wondered about the historic debates, the give and take of planning things on a national scale, and whether the stories in your history books are accurate, this is where you'll find out.

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