"The Negros' pension law passed by the Tennessee Legislature, provides that Negros Pensioned by this Act must have been bona fide residents of this State three years if they served with a Tennessee Command, and ten years if they served with a command from any other State. They must have remained with the army until the close of the war, unless legally relieved from service. They must be indigent. Unless you come clearly under the law, it is useless to file an application.

Toney Chapman of Company A of the 4th/8th Tennessee Cavalry Regiment.

    Included on TENNESSEE COLORED PENSION APPLICATIONS FOR CSA SERVICE**,  is the name Toney CHAPMAN.  Toney was a Black man born in or near Farmington in Marshall County,  Tennessee, on June 18, 1849. His master's name was B. F. Farmington.  **

    Toney was only about twelve years old at the outset of the Civil War in 1861,  but two years later in 1863, he went into service of the Confederate States  of America with his master, willingly, or otherwise. After all, young Toney  was a slave and he mostly had no choice in the matter of serving with his  master in battle. Toney and his master served with Company A of the 4th  Tennessee Cavalry Regiment under the leadership of Col. Baxter Smith and  Capt. Davis W. Alexander.

    Although the exact date of his departure from the army is not known, Toney  was discharged from service near Raleigh, North Carolina. After his  discharge, the teenager returned to Marshall County and lived there with his  master for several more years.

    Toney filed the "Colored Man's Application for Pension" with the State of  Tennessee on June 18, 1921, his seventy-second birthday. The application  shows Toney and his wife had a combined estate worth $250, and their combined  gross income for the previous year, 1920, was $857. W. W. Walker and Scott D.  Davis, both of Lewisburg, Marshall County, Tennessee, signed the application  as witnesses for Toney.

    On September 27, 1923, Toney died in Marshall County at the age of  seventy-four years, three months, one week and two days. A search of records  at the Tennessee State Library and Archives in Nashville, has failed to yield  a death certificate for Toney.

    In 1892, there was a reunion of Civil War veterans of Company A of the  4th/8th (Baxter Smith's) Tennessee Cavalry Regiment at Farmington.

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