Mankato, Minnesota 1
Tucson, AZ 1

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Personal Details

Full Name:
F. Marvin Deerhake Jr. 1
Also known as:
Marv or F.M. 1
Full Name:
F M Deerhake 2
Mankato, Minnesota 1
Male 1
03 Apr 1911 2
Tucson, AZ 1
Cause: Pneumonia, Old age 1
08 Jun 2003 2
Burial Date: June 2003 1
Burial Place: Scottsdale, AZ; All ancestors bur. Indiana 1
Physical Description:
Height: 5' 11" 1
Weight/Build: Thin: Tall, Dark, Handsome! 1
Eye Color: Blue 1
Hair Color: Black 1
Last Residence: Sun Lakes, AZ 1
Last Residence: Chandler, AZ 2
Mother: Clara Marie Reineberg Deerhake 1
Father: Franklin Marvin Deerhake Sr. 1
GE Engineer (Electrical) 1
Methodist and Presbyterian 1
Race or Ethnicity:
Caucasian / German 1
2 girls, 1 son 1
Social Security:
Card Issued: Unknown Code (PE) 2
Social Security Number: ***-**-3052 2

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This is our beloved father, Dad of Claire Elizabeth Anderson, Carol Pauline Jakes, and David Marvin Deerhake. He was an electrical engineer, and a life-long loyal employee of General Electric, living and working in Schenectady, Syracuse, and Phoenix. He graduated from Claussen HS in Oklahoma City, and the Univ. of Illinois in Champaign. He loved baseball, and humor, and carefully followed the news and sports. In old age, he was a studious fan of daily crossword puzzles. He attended church for 90 years, and was a lover of music and church choirs.

Son of the YMCA

Chicago, Oklahoma City

Marvin's Dad was a Secretary in the Young Men's Christian Asso, from before his birth until the dad's death in W. Virginia.   Frank, and his wife Clara, were devout German Methodists.  F.M. Sr. was probably trained in the Chicago YMCA, in the years just following Dwight L. Moody and Billy Sunday.  He was stationed for a short time in Minn, where his only son was born, but Marvin grew up in Chicago until about age 9 when they moved to Oklahoma City, where he graduated from HS at age 15.  He did all his schooling in 7 years, never having been to school until he was age 8.  When they moved to W. Virginia where his Dad was top State Secretary, he attended Marshall (then) College (now Univ.) and later graduated after 3 years at the Univ. of Illinois, in EE.  It was the Great Depression... and he was hired by two companies, pending the easing of the depression.  During these years, he sometimes lived at local Y's.


West Virginia

In 1932, Marvin had to wait for employment to become feasible - but was one of the very few engineers hired by General Electric, during the Great Depression.  He was also "hired" by Westinghouse, but the telegram, making him a life-long faithful employee of GE, came only a few weeks earlier than the one from Westinghouse.  In later years, he wondered how his life, and places lived, would have differed if he had "signed on" with Westinghouse instead!  He worked in Radio first, then Radar and national defense in wartime, then TV, and finally, after 1955, in Computer Engineering.   He was forced into early retirement when GE sold their entire Computer Division in Phoenix, to Honeywell, in 1974.  He had worked for GE 41 years. 

Professional Engineer in New York State, Arizona

Syracuse, NY

Marvin had a "Professional Engineer" license plate on his car in NYS, where he worked for General Electric from 1933 until 1956.   He moved with GE, to Phoenix in January 1957, and then spent over half of his life in Arizona, retiring there.  He had worked at GE plants in Schenectady, NY, and Syracuse ("Industrial or Electronics Park"), and then at the Peoria Ave. plant in NW Phoenix by the highway, until those 2 GE plants were sold to Honeywell Corp. in 1974.   He was a 41 year employee, and took many advanced engineering courses at General Electric, effectively completing a master's degree.  In Syracuse, his boss was a Mr. Weir, and in Phoenix, he first worked for Arnold Spielberg, father of Stephen Spielberg of Hollywood.  The Deerhakes counted Arnold and Lee Speilberg as good friends for several years.   While there, they first lived in Scottsdale, among the newly cleared grapefruit groves, north of Indian School and east of 56th St.   They later moved to Arcadia Greens at 48th St, north of Thomas Rd., and later retired to Truro Lane in Sun Lakes, AZ, near the Pinal Co. line.   During the years in Phoenix, Marvin was very active in the 100+ men's ORPHEUS CHORUS, as well as choral and bell choirs in his churches in Scottsdale and Sun Lakes.

He was a terrific father to Claire, Carol and David, and grandfather, to Eric and Ted Lemcke of FL, and Stephanie and Steve Jakes of Tucson, AZ.   We miss him so much!

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