08 Mar 1918 1
Jan 1970 1

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Mildred Carrington 1
08 Mar 1918 1
Jan 1970 1
Social Security:
Social Security Number: ***-**-4628 1

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Mildred was married to T/Sgt John R Carrington (KIA 29 Mar.'43)

North Africa

Mildred Montgomery was married to John R Carrington of McChord Field, Washington on 4 April, 1941 at 6 pm.  Mildred was from Tacoma, Washington and the witness' were her older sister (WACS) Clara Montgomery and Albert Laudinsky.

(McChord Field;  please scroll down to the WWII section)

T/Sgt John R Carrington was KIA during WWII on 29 March, 1943 (B-25 Combat Radio/Aerial Gunner) who flew with the 12th Bomb Group, 82nd Bomb Squad/ shot-down.

Mildred Carrington: Social Security Death Index (SSDI) Death Record
Name: Mildred Carrington
State of Issue: California
Date of Birth: Friday  March  08, 1918
Date of Death: January 1st, 1970
Est. Age at Death: 51 years, 10 months 


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