10 May 1941 1
May 1985 1

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Personal Details

Full Name:
Carl Frost 1
10 May 1941 1
May 1985 1
Last Residence: Olivehurst, CA 1
Social Security:
Card Issued: California 1
Last Payment: Olivehurst, CA 1
Social Security Number: ***-**-4535 1

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my father was a wonderful kind hearted man

yuba city

my father was a very hard worker he left when i was 4 yrs old i found him again when i was 16 then god took him from me .he had cancer he wouldnt do kemo or anything to keep him with us longer to proud he said he came in to this world without scares and he was going out without them and he did.i miss him very much .i love you daddy .rest in peace

my daddy very hard working,kind man

my father


my father left my mom when i was 4 yrs old never saw him much then my mom left me at 13 yrs old had to grow up fas slept on park benchs and one day across the street from the park were i slept there was a shrink, so i went there to talk to some one i couldnt take it any more.he found my dad in oklahoma,set up plane ticket and off i went.didnt no my dad ,but i was sure happy to be with my own blood.i loved my daddy.then he got sick and said we were moving to oregon thats were he wanted to be.well we made it as far as yuba city were most his family was and his mom was burried,and then god took him so fast,i never really got to no my dad .but this i do no he was a wonderful strong man.and i miss him and im still alone.well not completly ,i have jessus with me at all times but as for family ,i never  had that part of a life.i love you daddy,rest in peace,your baby girl penny

my papa i miss you so love penny

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