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Lawrence M De lancey

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Lawrence M de Lancey Awarded the Silver Star

    Lawrence M. Delancey, 0-41351, Army Air Forces, United States Army, for gallantry in action while serving as a pilot of a B-17 bomber on a mission over Germany  15 October 1944.

    Immediately after bombs away Lt. Delancey's aircraft was hit by flak.  A shell pierced the chin turret and exploded in the nose, killing the bombardier and destroying practically all the instruments.  The entire nose section was shorn off and all that remained was a tangled mass of instruments, wires and sheet metal.

    With the oxygen equipment ruined and a sub-zero gale rushing through the plane, Lt. Delancey descended to a lower altitude and headed out of enemy territory.  Flying at reduced speed and unable to take proper protective measures with his off-balanced plane, he was subjected to every conceivable type of ground fire.

    By sheer determination and tenacity he managed to bring the battered aircraft over the home base.  Without proper brakes Lt. Delancey climaxed this miraculous feat of flying skill and ability by accomplishing a safe landing.

    His actions under conditions which would have caused a less courageous pilot to abandon his aircraft are in keeping with the finest traditions of the Army Air Forces.  Entered the military service from Oregon.

    By Command of Lieutenant General DOOLITTLE

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