10 Sep 1892 1
May 1970 1

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Full Name:
Everett Gust 1
10 Sep 1892 1
May 1970 1
Last Residence: Tacoma, WA 1
Social Security:
Card Issued: Washington 1
Social Security Number: ***-**-7462 1

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Christopher Thomas Steenbergen, Federal Way, is a great grandson born 1978 He and wife Elizabeth have one son Julian and one daughter Samantha. Jeffery Michael Steenbergen, Seattle, is a great grandson, born 1976. Their mother is Lana Jean Keller (first married to Harold Steenbergen, Tacoma, and second marrage to David Keller.) Born Lana Jean Reinius, 1950. Name changed to Lana Jean Gust, 1965, when adopted by grandparents. Chris and Jeff's maternal grandmother is Sue Scholfield ( first married to Edward Reinius, second marrage to Orville Scholfield). Her birth name was Minerva Gust. Born Sept 1922 - Died Apr 2000. Great Grand parents (maternal): Everett Gust (Senior) was born Euripedis Constitina Sunday on the island of Crete, Greece, 1892. In US Army with Poncho Ville Expedition era. Married to Marguerrita Soderholm, born 1998, Minnesota. They had four daughters (Minerva, Mildred, Peggy, Harrriett, and three sons (Harry, Milton, Everett Jr).

Everett Gust (Euripedis Constitina Sunday)

Tacoma, Washington

Reserach is in progress on Everett's time with the US Army.  He was with the army when Black Jack Pershing was on the Poncho Villa Expedition in Mexico.  Told stories of the horses used by the calvary.


Everett came to this country when a boy, on one of his father's ships from Greece.  He had relations in this country, probably in California in the retaurant business.  Came to this country prior to WW1.  Father's ships were reportling sunk by the German forces.


During WW1, Everett's brother was in the Greek army and was captured by the German forces.  He was held in a POW camp and perished there, probably in Greece,


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