09 Jan 1911 1
Nov 1976 1

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Personal Details

Full Name:
Stella Otelia Swenson Gruber 2
Full Name:
Stel Gruber 1
Also known as:
Stel Gruber 2
09 Jan 1911 1
Nov 1976 1
Last Residence: Downingtown, PA 1
Lutheran 2
Race or Ethnicity:
White, Norwegian descent 2
Social Security:
Card Issued: Pennsylvania 1
Social Security Number: ***-**-7457 1

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Stella Otelia Swenson Gruber




Born: Fosston, Polk County, Minnesota 9 Jan 1911

Died: Downington, Chester County, PA Nov 1976

Father: Ole Olson Swenson, 25 Mar 1882 to 31 Aug 1916

Mother: Manda Pauline Myhre Swenson, 5 Aug 1877 to 17 Dec 1956

Ole and Manda married in St. Paul, Minnesota in 1909

Stella’s first marriage Roy H. Starks ended in divorce in March 1944.  Her second marriage to Eli Hamshire Gruber took place in Missula, Montana on 31 May 1944.  This marriage also ended in divorce about 1960/1.  Stella raised three sons in Malvern, as well as Downingtown, both located in Chester County PA.  All three sons are living as of 2009.


Stella had one sister Clarice Regina Swenson, born 23 Dec 1909 and died 2 May 1961 in Minnesota; and one brother Orlean M. Swenson born 27 Apr 1916 and died 1 July 1967 in Anaheim/Fullerton, California.




1.  Haldor Romsaas late 1500’s  lived Norway

2.        ? Haldorsdotter Romsaas married Peder Arnese Brandrud (b. 1618)

3.        Marit Pedersdotter Romsaas 1656-1715 married Erik Knutson Romsaas

4.        Knut Erikson Romsaas 1684-1761 married Anna Olesdotter Borkhage Romsaas b. 1697

5.        Erik Knutson Romsaas 1717-1764 married Mali Larsdotter Hjelle 1731-1774

6.        Knut Erikson Romsaas 1764-1820 married Marit Nersdotter Mytting 1763-1833

7.        Erik Knutson Romsaas 1788-1874 married Marit Pedersdotter Romsaas b. 1790

8.     Marit Eriksdotter Romsaas b. 1812 married Ole Olson Myhre b. 1816 (Marit’s second marriage)

9.        Osten Olson Myhre 16 April 1854 died 15 Aug 1927 married in 1880 to Kari Paulsdotter Wang (aka Karen Pauline Wang) born Pilot Mount Twp, Fillmore Co., Minnesota on12 Jan 1858 and died in Fosston, Polk County, Minnesota on13 Jan 1934 (Kari is the daughter of Paul Totenson Wang 21 Apr 1821 to 10 Feb 1907 and Magnil Hansdotter Wang 13 Jan 1818 to 30 Nov 1903—both from Ringbo, Gudbrandsdalen, Norway) Osten and Kari buried Vernes Cemetery in Fosston, Minnesota

10,  Manda Pauline Myhre born Hill River Township, Renville County, Minnesota on 5 Aug 1877 and died Bemedji, Beltrami County, Minnesota 17 Dec 1956 married in 1909 St. Paul, Minnesota to Ole Olson Swenson born Hol, Hollingdal, Norway on 25 Mar 1882, emigrated to the USA 1891, and died 31 Aug 1916 Fosston, Polk County, Minnesota. (Ole is the son of Sven Olson Augunseth and Randi Reiersgaard Augunseth daughter of Knute and Kari Reiersgaard of Vatendal, Hollingdal, Norway – Sven dropped the Augunseth surname and went by the name of Sven Olson.  Sven’s parents were Ole and Kari Augunseth of Hol, Hollingdal, Norway).  (Ole Olson Swenson therefore is Ole Olson the son of Sven, hence the surname of Svenson or in the USA,aka Swenson)

    11.      Stella Otelia Swenson married:

               1.  Roy H. Starks, divorced in 1944

               2.  Eli Hamshire Gruber in 1944, divorced in 1960/1















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