09 Aug 1891 1
Orderville, Ut 1
Sep 1977 2

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Personal Details

Full Name:
Inez Hoyt 2
09 Aug 1891 1
Orderville, Ut 1
Female 1
09 Aug 1891 2
Sep 1977 2
Last Residence: Saint George, UT 2
Mother: Emma Palmer 1
Father: Wilford Wilde Heaton 1
Frederick Cross Hoyt 1
05 Jun 1912 1
Spouse Death Date: 11 Aug 1976 1
Social Security:
Card Issued: Utah 2
Social Security Number: ***-**-4551 2

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Inez Heaton-Hoyt Bio

St George, Ut.

Inez Heaton-Hoyt

Birth:  Aug. 9, 1891


Kane County

Utah, USA

Death:  Sep. 7, 1977

Saint George

Washington County

Utah, USA


Brief History of the life of Inez Heaton Hoyt - copied from her own handwritten autobiography. - No date was shown.

I was born Aug 9, 1891 at Orderville Kane Co. Utah to Wilford Wild and Emma Palmer Heaton. The fifth child in a family of seven. I grew up as any normal child would in a small farming community. I was baptized Sept. 3, 1899 down in the old creek that ran through town.

I went through the grade school as an average student. Always enjoyed going to school. Never liked to work problems unless I could sing all the while. Always rather sing with a group or alone during recess than to go out side and play.

At the age of 14 I was asked by our Bishop Henry W. Esplin to act as assistant teacher to my own "Book of Mormon class" in our Primary Organization. That was the beginning of many many years work in that organization. I was also teacher at one time in the old religion classes we used to hold once a week in our schools. I have taught in every grade in Primary, have been in the presidency for 15 years, also was secretary for several years. Have been Stake & Ward Theology leader in the Relief Society. Also, Chorister of R. S. have been Pres. of the M. I. A.; Pres of the P. T. A. Organization and have sung many solos and helped with duets and in choruses and in the choir all my life.

In the fall of 1910 I went to Castle Dale, Emery Co., Utah to attend High School. I worked my way through school by checking in the Orderville co-op Store in the summers and by doing house work for my Aunt Chloe Palmer, who was teaching English in High School in Castle Dale in the winter time. The students now days could hardly do what I did and go to school. I milked a cow, churned butter, chopped wood, cooked, washed clothes, ironed and walked more than a mile to school every day.


In 1912 on June 5 I married Frederick C. Hoyt in the Salt Lake City Temple. He had been home in Orderville working to help support his widowed mother and younger brothers and sisters. I had been writing to him all the two long winters I was away from home. He had a little home almost paid for by the time we were married, beside helping his mother.

We had a lovely Male Chorus in the family. Also the girls sang with the boys. The boys were active in all kinds of sports. The girls were too and also in the church organizations. Our two oldest boys went on missions. Then all the boys went in to the service as they reached the age to be inducted or to volunteer. One of our boys, Mack, died down in New Guinea, October 13, 1944. One of them, Leon, died with appendicitis in a hospital in St. George at 11 years of age in Nov 1929.

Then after all the children were married and our responsibilities for feeding and caring for them were over we were called on a mission for our Church. Through all these years (46 year) 37 of them Frederick acting as postmaster in Orderville and my helping much of the time because of the salary being to low, we were obliged to supplement in many other ways. We had been working hard and saving as best we could and now we were able to build a new home, which we should have had while raising the family but for which we were very thankful.

It was right then in 1949 we were called on this mission. Of course we accepted the call, got retired from the Post Office and left our job our new home and went back to New England States on our Mission for 16 months. My health became impaired and we could not stay the 2 years.

A month after we returned home and were located good we were ask to go to St. George Temple to do endowment work to represent the ward. So we stayed the winter. In May 1951 we were called as ordinance workers to the St. George

Temple. We have been here now almost 10 years. We are located here permanently. I wonder many times why I was blessed with such a rich full life.

So many many blessings. Never came in contact with bad company to induce me to wrong doing or a sinful life.

I am so grateful to my Heavenly Father for all he has done for me and for the Testimony I have of his life and mission here on this earth and that I am a part of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I pray I might be given opportunity to serve in his work until the end.

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