27 Nov 1876 1
Jan 1974 1

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Full Name:
John Hatch 1
27 Nov 1876 1
Jan 1974 1
Last Residence: Mesa, AZ 1
Social Security:
Card Issued: Arizona 1
Social Security Number: ***-**-5388 1

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John A Hatch

Chino Valley, AZ

John Alma Hatch

Birth:  Oct. 27, 1876
Utah, USA Death:  Jan. 18, 1974
Maricopa County
Arizona, USA
John A Hatch died in Mesa Lutheran Hospital. Mr. Hatch of 4471/2 E Second Ave, was a native of Payson, Utah, who came to Arizona in 1917 from Mexico. a framer all of his life, he retired in 1962. he was a high priest in the 11th Ward, had served a church mission and was an ordnance worker for six years. Survivors include his wife, mabel; daughters, Mrs. Thelma Williams of Mesa, Mrs, Virginia Samuelson of Prescott, Mrs mary Britt of Phoenix, Mrs Louise East of Pomerence, Mrs Irene Moore of Chino Valley, Mrs Jean payne of Virdenm N M, sons Merrell of Phoenix; Kay of Snowflake, and Ivan Hatch of Quito, Ecuador; a brother and two sisters out of state,43 grandchildren,102 great grandchildren; and 4 great-great grandchildren,  
Chino Valley Cemetery
Chino Valley
Yavapai County
Arizona, USA
Plot: 3 R 4 E

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Name: John Alma Hatch (Oct. 27, 1876 - Jan. 18, 1974)
Plot: 3 R 4 E
Note from contributor: Hi it would be great help if you could get a picture of John Alma Hatch head stone he is my great great grandfather and would be helpful I could see a picture of the head stone. Also if possible if any other information about him you could on the site thank you :)

Aaron (#46877630)
 member for 2 years, 12 months   AARON is John's Great-Great Grandson.  Barbi Ennis Connolly (57th BW Researcher)

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