10 Oct 1926 1
06 Sep 2002 1

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Full Name:
Virginia A Mcmillan 1
10 Oct 1926 1
06 Sep 2002 1
Last Residence: Hutchinson, KS 1
Social Security:
Card Issued: Unknown Code (PE) 1
Last Payment: Hutchinson, KS 1
Social Security Number: ***-**-4631 1

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Harvest Hand

My mothers maiden name was Virginia Drolte.  She was one of two Children.  She went to school at Pretty Prairie KS.  She went to college and Graduated from Bethany College in Lindsberg KS.  Here Parents were Elmer and Lillian Drolte.  Elmer would often comment she was the best harvest hand in ever had. 

Moms currant Syurp

One summer my mom had me pick currants out at her parents farm for jelly.  I picked a lot of them and she went through the process of making Jelly except she didnt put in any sure jell.  Well we didnt have any jelly but we had a lot of syurp for waffles.  It was the best syurp I have ever had in my entire life.

Little things


One year when I was in grade school I wanted to go to the fair so she(Virginia) my mom made the time and took me.  Im referring to the Kansas State fair in Hutchinson KS.  I wanted to go on the rides like any other kid and she took me in the old mill.  I asked if we could ride the roller coaster she really didnt want but did to make me happy.  This is first time I have ever said this but I was really scared.  We made it through the ride.  She did other individual things throught my life that meant a great deal to me.  Mom throught the rest of her life often commented on her trip to fair and roller coaster ride.

Fishing at Pond

After my grandparents  Elmer and Lillion Drolte passed away my mom Virginia wanted to keep the farm in the family.  We have a small pond and it was stocked with Bass and Catfish.  She would go out to the pond and feed the the fish some times up to three times a week.  She knew I liked to fish and one summer I spent a lot of time at home.  After she had recoverd from Cancer her house needed painted and there was a lot of yard work.  She asked me if I wanted to go fishing and I said I was to tired to go.  She told me she  would drive me out there so I thought why not spend some time with her at the pond fishing.  She drove me there and we fished whenever I caught a large fish you could see the twinkle in her eye.  I sure enjoyed that summer, and will always remember how she enjoyed are fishing trips.

Memorial Day

 Mom  Virginia decorated the cementaries every year.  It was just something that was done.  After my gradparents and dad passed away she started growing peonies. A lot of years she took out more than 12 dozen peonies.  If you have not worked with peonies they have to be cut at right time, wrapped and refrigerated.  Then night before you cut the ends off and but them in icewater. They open up and are beautiful flowers. I would come home and help her take them out to the cementaries.  It was a lot of work for her, and through years we found some ways make job easier.  Thankyou mom for teaching us the tradition.  I appreciate you teaching  us about our heritatge, and about giving respect to others. 

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