Arrival in the DeWitt Colony Texas from Missouri.

    Adam and Jane Strain Kent Zumwalt and family arrived in the DeWitt Colony in the same period as the five related extended families of Burket, Kent and Zumwalt between 1829-1830. It is unclear exactly how they arrived, whether by land or sea or in groups or individual families. Land grant documents state they arrived 22 May 1830 although these dates are not reliable as precise dates. If the birthdate of son Noah/Noel of 29 Dec 1829 is correct, than it is likely that the family came to Texas in the spring or summer of 1830. The family which arrived consisted of seven Missouri born children, five of whom were male.

    Andrew Alonzo (1 Sep 1817 MO-1 Nov 1886 TX)
    Son of Capt. Adam Zumwalt and Mary Jane Strain Kent
    Veteran of the Battle of San Jacinto
    m. (1) Harriet Larimore/Lattimore/Lamore (1823-1874)
    2 Dec 1837 ColoradoCo, TX
    m. (2) Elizabeth Ellen Dempsey Hahn 4 Jul 1877 GonzalesCo, TX
    (m. (1) Isaac Hahn


      Thomas Bowen

      9 Jan 1820 Boone Co, MO-Oct 1896 Capitan, NM)
      Texas Ranger and Indian Fighter

      m. Elsey Mae Billings (15 May 1822-12 Jan 1897) 1 Feb 1841 Gonzales Co, TX
      Thomas Bowen Zumwalt Sr. and family, along with brother Isaac Zumwalt, remained in the area around Gonzales and Lavaca counties for some time after their father Adam moved to FayetteCo. Thomas Bowen Sr. moved from the DeWitt Colony area of Texas to New Mexico around 1885. He was counted in the 1885 census of Lincoln Co, New Mexico, living near Artesia.


        Isaac Kent

        11 Feb 1822 Lexington, LafayetteCo, MO-29 Dec 1868 GonzalesCo, TX)
        Survivor of the Mier Expedition

        m. (1) Vernona/Verona Jane Love (abt 1830-abt 1856) 3 Dec 1848 Gonzales Co, TX. Vernona was the daughter of Alan Love and his first wife, Martha G. Merriwether. Alan later married widowed Lucinda Zumwalt. Isaac Zumwalt also married Rebecca Brown (1835-1868) 21 Feb 1856 Gonzales.


          Lucinda L. Zumwalt

          b. 5 Mar 1827 MO; d. 11 Dec 1888, Johnson City, Blanco Co, TX
          m. (1) John Crawford (d. 1847) 25 Jan 1847 Lavaca Co, TX
          m. (2) Alan Love (photo left) (abt 1800 VA-1853) 11 Oct 1848 Petersburg, LavacaCo, TX.
          m. (3) Travis Daniel Atkinson 11 Feb 1856 FayetteCo, TX
          Travis D. Atkinson was a private in Co. E, Ragsdale's Battalion, Texas Cavalry, CSA. According to the Gonzales Inquirer 1854 he was originally a tailor, but was listed as a farmer in the 1860 census after marrying Lucinda. Military records for fall 1864 indicate he was AWOL and subsequently listed as a deserter. He apparently joined the unit again on 1 December 1864. From December 24, 1864 to March 1865 he was detailed by headquarters to a hat factory at Lagrange.
          m. (4) G.W. Kennedy (d. 21 Dec 1888, Blanco Co, TX) 4 Jun 1867

          1850 Census Gonzales Co, Peach Creek District: Love, Allen, 50, m, $125, Va.; Love, Lucinda, 23, f, Mo; Love, James, 17, m, Ala; Love, Joseph, 14, m, Ala.


            Louisa M. (7 Sep 1824 MO-1906)
            m. 30 Mar 1843 Gonzales Co, TX George W. Walton (b. 9 May 1817 MO; d. 10 Oct 1904)

            Noah/Noel (4 Dec 1829 MO-1845)

            Mary Elizabeth
            (25 Jan 1834 Old Mexican Municipality, Coahuila y Tejas-28 Aug 1917 Gonzales Co, MO)
            m. Jonathan A. Doak (1815-1887)

            (29 Jun 1836 GonzalesCo, TX-bef 1868 LavacaCo, TX)
            m. Cecelia/Celia/Sealy Davis
            (b. 1843) 28 Jun 1859 FayetteCo, TX

            William (b. 1838; died young)
            Claude (b. 2 May 1840; d. bef 1850)
            Elinor Jane (b. 2 May 1840 TX; died young)
            Nancy Ann (b. 24 Jun 1842 Gonzales Co, TX)
            m. Joseph Love 16 Sep 1859 Fayette Co, TX. Joseph Love was a son of Alan Love by a first marriage who married Nancy Ann's sister,

            Source: The Handbook of Texas



              John2 Jump, Jr. (John1) was born November 10, 1831 in St. Louis Co., MO, and died September 02, 1901 in Goodson, Polk Co., MO. He married Sarah Jane Zumwalt May 13, 1858 in Polk Co., MO, daughter of Henry Zumwalt and Jemima Boone. She was born December 25, 1841 in Green Co., MO, and died July 04, 1916 in Polk Co., MO.
              Children of John Jump and Sarah Zumwalt are:

              2 i. Jemima3 Jump, born July 22, 1859 in MO; died March 17, 1938 in Polk Co., MO. She married (1) John Andrew Rentfrow October 26, 1876 in Polk Co., MO; born April 1854 in MO. She married (2) R. A. Smelser December 15, 1908. She married (3) Mr. Richardson.

              3 ii. John Henry Jump, born January 12, 1861 in MO; died July 12, 1927 in Polk Co., MO. He married Narcissa Martin in Polk Co., MO; born 1870 in MO.

              4 iii. William S. Jump, born 1863 in MO. He married Mary J.; born April 1867 in MO.

              5 iv. Nancy A. Jump, born July 16, 1867 in Hickory Co., MO; died July 23, 1942 in Fairfax, Osage Co., OK. She married (1) William M. Hutcheson December 22, 1889 in Polk Co., MO; born October 04, 1869 in Polk Co., MO; died January 29, 1903 in Polk Co., MO. She married (2) George Newton McMahan June 12, 1904 in Polk Co., MO; born 1843 in MO; died April 13, 1908 in Niengie, Webster Co., MO. She married (3) C. J. Ashworth November 11, 1908.

              6 v. Robert T. Jump, born February 1870 in MO. He married Lizzie Barker Abt. 1894 in Polk Co., MO; born July 1873 in KS.

              7 vi. Lucretia Jane Jump, born December 14, 1872 in MO; died 1961 in Kansas City, Jackson Co., MO. She married John Franklin Hawkins Abt. 1890 in Polk Co., MO; born March 07, 1865 in MO; died October 10, 1939.

              8 vii. Sarah Catherine Jump, born June 29, 1877 in MO; died March 16, 1954. She married (1) Mr. Sawyers. She married (2) William Thair Tirey September 30, 1894 in Polk Co., MO; born March 1872 in MO.

              9 viii. Martha Ellen Jump, born 1878 in MO. She married Isaac Lem Farmer Abt. 1899; born 1875 in MO.

              10 ix. Mary F. Jump, born April 20, 1878 in MO; died October 27, 1901 in MO.

              11 x. Dorothy Lucinda Jump, born February 25, 1883 in MO; died May 22, 1976. She married William Jesse Hawkins November 20, 1898 in Polk Co., MO; born October 02, 1875 in Goodson, MO; died December 12, 1964 in Marshall, Saline Co., MO.

              12 xi. Iva Mae Jump, born December 01, 1885 in MO; died January 23, 1977 in Polk Co., MO. She married (1) John Joseph Searls January 10, 1904 in Polk Co., MO; born July 20, 1882 in MO; died October 04, 1917. She married (2) Easley E. Farmer Aft. 1918; born 1885 in MO; died October 24, 1974 in Polk Co., MO. She married (3) Ernest F. Bugh.