Bernard B Barrett

Bernard B Barrett

S/Sgt Bernard Barrett, 310thBG,379thBS, Shot-Down 30 Mar.'45 /POW

  • Italy

**Bernard was with the 310thBG, the 379thBS, He was an "Aerial Photographer" in the B-25 Mitchell Medium Bomber.   He flew Combat Missions and took the Target Photo's with his Special Camera.  His ship #**43-27571 was Shot-Down 30 March, 1945 and his Pilot and Co-Pilot did not make it.  Fortunately, it was late in the War and he was a POW and was held prisoner for a month or more only, until Liberated.  Bernard ( 37471847 ) was detained in Germany for about a month and then liberated and sent home.

Bernard's son Lawrence believes that Bernard landed on Mt Pinatubo as the ship crashed into the mountains.  Bernard had 10 children.   Oldest son Lawrence is a County Judge in Omaha, Neb..

MIA Greetings from the Gov. were sent to Mrs. Catherine L Barrett (Mother) at 1209 Polk St. Omaha, NEB.

1st Oak Leaf to his Air Medal was 29 Dec,'44, Target Lavis, Italy.

37471847  Bernard was born 3/29/23 and passed from pancreatic cancer.. Bernard was shot down on 3/30/45 over Rovereto Italy and was taken prisoner for the next month till liberated.    His pilot and co pilot did not survive the crash.  I will be in touch soon with the photos. Thanks for all your hard work on behalf of our silent veterans.  Larry Barrett

10 Mar. 2010 to 57th BW Researcher, Barbi Ennis Connolly from Bernard's proud son, Lawrence E "Larry" Barrett.

    Hi Larry. I searched for your Father's MACR and found that you had posted your dad's photo. I just emailed you a Map of the area. Steve C~