Confederate Guerilla, Quantrill Raiders

Great Great Grandson of Daniel Boone the Frontiersman.

    Joseph Scholl married Lavinia Boone Daniel Boones Daughter. The Scholl's also fought in the Revolutionary War alongside the Boone Family of Kentucky. There was also another connection with the Boone family. Boone Scholl's mother, Harriet Rite Boone, was a 3rd cousin of his father, Nelson Scholl. She was a descendent of one of Daniel Boone's brothers.

    Boone Scholl died in a skirmish with the 9th Kansas Calvary near Westport, Mo. 17 June 1863. Boone was buried in the Smith/Davis Cemetery in Raytown, Mo.

    Among others in that Cemetery is Capt. Ferdenand Scott, who was killed in the same skirmish. Smith/Davis has been completely destroyed. All the headstones have been stolen or fallen and are buried under the sod. The owner of the property a Mr. Buzz Dulaney of Kansas, has been less than cooperative in over a 12 year attempt to save and restore this cemetery. Among others buried there are the girls killed in the awful Union Jail Collapes. Those girls were the sisters of Bill Anderson and others who rode with Quantrill. True history records one of the Major reasons for the raid on Lawrence, Kansas was due to the apprehension and death of these ladies.

    Boone Scholl is mentioned numerous times in the by "Noted Guerillas" by John N. Edwards.

    Boone Scholl is the brother of George Scholl, who also rode with Quantrill under the command of Bill Anderson

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