Ralph Wendell Anderson

Ralph Wendell Anderson

World War II · US Army · Staff Sergeant

A B-17 top turret gunner.

World War II (1939 - 1945)
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United States of America

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World War II

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Army Air Forces

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Staff Sergeant

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Gold Star


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European Theater

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325th Bomb Squadron

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92nd Bomb Group

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Stories about Ralph Wendell Anderson

WW2 Fallen - B-17 Top Turret Gunner, Ralph Anderson

    Ralph Wendell Anderson was born on April 28, 1922, in Clarksburg, Ross, Ohio to Fay Anderson and Gail Crabb Anderson. The Anderson family lived on a farm during that time. Ralph was the youngest child. He had two older brothers and two older sisters. In 1930, the Anderson family moved to Deerfield Township, Ross, Ohio where Ralph’s father worked as a garage mechanic. Ralph would attend the school there. A few years later, the family would once again move. They settled in Colerain, Ross, Ohio. Ralph would graduate from high school in 1940. On August 26, 1941, Ralph would enlist into the Army Air Corps as a private at Fort Hayes in Columbus, Ohio.

    Ralph received his basic training at Sheppard Field, Texas. He would later meet up with the 325th Bombardment Squadron of the 92nd Bomb Group at Barksdale Field in Louisana in March of 1942. They were then moved to MacDill Field, Florida, then to Sarasota Army Air Field, Florida in May 1942 for training. Ralph met his crew around this time. Also during this, he was promoted to a staff sergeant. Then in August of 1942, flew to RAF Bovingdon (AAF-112) in England. On January 6, 1943, the squadron relocated to RAF Alconbury (AAF-102). All the while, Ralph was flying many missions during these transitions. The group’s final relocation was to RAF Podington (AAF 109) where it remained until the end of the war in Europe. He served as a top turret gunner for B-17F #42-30803 with Hale’s Crew. The crew would include:

    • 2Lt. George C. Hale - Pilot - Nebraska
    • 1Lt. Everett D. Smith - Co-Pilot - New Mexico
    • 2Lt. James M. Kelly - Navigator - Arkansas
    • 2Lt. Paul H. Hughes - Bombardier - Indiana
    • SSgt. Ralph W. Anderson - Top Turret Gunner - Ohio
    • Sgt. Louis B. Madison - Ball Turret Gunner - Oregon
    • SSgt. Loyd C. Quarles - Right Waist Gunner - Alabama
    • SSgt. William G. Lilienthal Jr. - Left Waist Gunner - New York
    • Sgt. Donald L. Wilson - Tail Gunner - Mississippi
    • SSgt. Frank C. Lockman - Radio Operator - Wisconsin

    Ralph’s final mission would take place on December 1, 1943, during a bombing mission over Monschau, Germany. After taking off from AAF-102 in the morning, they headed towards Leverkusen, Germany. However, due to equipment malfunctions, the lead bomber decided to head towards the secondary target, Siegburg, Germany. They would drop their load over the city then immediately head west. That is when flak fire started firing at the bombers above. Two hits struck the bomber’s ball turret and #2 engine, setting the entire inside of the bomber ablaze. The bomber continued to fly in formation for about three minutes before it drifted below the clouds and exploded at an altitude of about 15,000 feet. The main section of the bomber landed in Monschau, Germany. Of the ten crew members, only one survived. Sgt. Wilson, the tail gunner, had been blown out of the tail section. After landing, he was captured by the Germans and became a prisoner of war. For Ralph, due to his position in the plane, it is likely he was caught in the fire that started in the midsection of the bomber. Due to this, he was unable to escape and was most likely killed by the explosion in mid-air.

    Ralph is interred at Browns Chapel Cemetery in Clarksburg, Ohio.

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    Ralph, thank you for your service,

    • Hudson


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    Wikipedia - 325th Weapons Squadron, 92nd Operations Group


    American Air Museum in Britain

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