Karl Richard Moutoux

Karl Richard Moutoux

World War I · US Army · Corporal

A Corporal in the 5th Infantry Division.

World War I (1914 - 1918)
Served For

United States of America

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Conflict Period

World War I

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5th Infantry Division

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9th Field Signal Battalion

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Company "C"

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Western Front

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Gold Star


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Stories about Karl Richard Moutoux

Letter from 1st Lieutenant John Dick Van Horn

Medina Co. Gazette - Feb 7, 1919: Ernest Moutoux, of Rock, Creek, O., has received the following letter giving details of the death of Karl Moutoux:

Chaplain's Office, 11th Infantry, Jan 8, 1919. My Dear Sir: Corporal Karl Moutoux happened to be in the same building with me on Nov 6, 1918, at Liny, across the Meuse river. We were right behind our front line and stepped into a barn. Three shells struck it directly. the last one killed your brother by a piece of shrapnel in the middle of the back. He was lying against me at the time and I didn't realize he was killed for he did not change position and I imagined he was awaiting another shell. I buried him with three other companions near the building in which he met his death. My assistant was severely wounded and I was slightly wounded. The few personal belongings were sent. I hope they reached you. Sincerely yours, J. D. Van Horn. Chaplain 11th Infantry. 1st Lieutenant John Dick Van Horn - 89337520

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