Sergeant I-See-O (aka Tah-Bone-Mah)

Sergeant I-See-O (aka Tah-Bone-Mah)

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… Never to be retired on account of age, never to be reduced in rank, and for all the remaining years of his life to hold the rating of senior duty sergeant, United States Army. As the last of the famous Kiowa Troop L scout detachment, I-See-O (1849-1927) was one of the greatest Indian peacemakers in early Oklahoma history. I-See-O, or as he was more properly known in the military establishment, Sergeant I-See-O, held a unique position in the American army. No one is afforded the privilege that was I-See-O’s. As long as he lived, he was a sergeant in the army on the active list, with all the pay and allowances of a non-commissioned officer of that rank. I-See-O was thus the oldest soldier on an active status in the Army of the United States.

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United States of America

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7th Cavalry

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Troop L - Indian Scouts

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"My first name was Tah-bone-mah ..."

  • Indian Territory
ca. 1920s Fort Sill, Oklahoma Close-up of Sergeant Iseeo, Kiowa scout, in uniform in later years. Photo #P11965, The Fort Sill National Landmark, Fort Sill, O
Sergeant I-See-O, 1913.
I-See-O, date unknown.
I-See-O & his wife, Pau-to-Mah with unidentified man in front of their tipi. Date unk.
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