Adam Gutoske

Adam Gutoske

World War I · US Army

WW I, U.S. Army, 85th Division, 339th Infantry Regiment, Company D, American North Russia Expeditionary Force

World War I (1914 - 1918)
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United States of America

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World War I

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A "Polar Bear" soldier who fought the Bolshevik Red Army in North Russia

    Adam Gutoske, a resident of Detroit, Michigan, Michigan at the time he was drafted, served in Company D of the 339th Infantry Regiment, 85th Division, U.S. Army.

    During their basic training at Camp Custer near Battle Creek, Michigan, the 339th was known as "Detroit's Own" because most of the men were from Detroit and southeast Michigan.

    Gutoske was one of the approximately 5,200 members of the American North Russia Expeditionary Force (ANREF) who were sent by President Wilson to North Russia as part of the Allied forces that intervened in the Russian Civil War.

    On 21 July 1918, Gutoske and his Company sailed from New York City aboard the USS Plattsburg, bound for Liverpool, England.

    During his overseas service, Gutoske held the rank of Cook and his Serial Number was 2032861.

    On 01 July 1919, Gutoske and his Company sailed from Brest, France aboard the USS President Grant, bound for Boston, Mass. Upon their return home, the members of the ANREF adopted the Polar Bear insignia and nickname.

    The following information is taken from his death certificate:

    NAME: Adam Gutoske

    BIRTH: Oct. 25, 1889, Poland

    DEATH: Nov. 4, 1934 (aged 39), Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan, USA

    BURIAL: Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan, USA

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