Edith Nourse Rogers

Edith Nourse Rogers

Proposed Legislation to Create WAAC

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Edith Nourse Rogers Proposes Legislation to Create WAAC/WAC

    Edith Nourse Rogers was born March 19, 1881 in Saco, Maine. She was elected to Congress (Massachusetts) and is widely remembered for her work with veterans. During WWI, she worked with the YMCA and Red Cross, and served with the Women's Overseas League. She was a nursing volunteer and advocate for veterans. Rogers was appointed by President Warren G. Harding to visit veterans and military hospitals throughout the country. She served in a similar capacity with President Herbert Hoover and Calvin Coolidge. She was appointed to serve on the Committee on Veterans' Affairs. She introduced legislation to create the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps (WAAC) and later the Women's Army Corps (WAC). She also helped draft the GI Bill of Rights. Rogers died September 10, 1960.

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