Frank Xavier Filan

Frank Xavier Filan

World War II · US Army
World War II (1939 - 1945)
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United States of America

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World War II

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Frank Filan, Pulitzer Prize Cameraman, Dies

    Frank Filan, 47, . Associated Press photographer and Pulitzer prize winnerfor pictures made during the war In the Pacific, died last night following a brain tumor operation. ; Filan's ; Pulitzer award was made in 1944 for his dramatic pictures of the , action on the bomb-gutted bomb-gutted bomb-gutted beach at Tarawa. To Frank this was only one of 16 landings under fire he made in the Pacific It was different only in that he made his prize-winning prize-winning prize-winning pictures with av borrowed borrowed camera after his own equipment had sunk in the. boat which was shot out from under him and other members of the landing party. Frank served' for 22 years as an Associated Press photographer. photographer. He started his newspaper career as a copy boy for The Times. The peak of his career was reached when Fleet Adm. Chester L. Nimitz commended him for "inspired devotion to duty." The unusual citation came after the Tarawa landing when Filan rescued scores of wounded marines in the face of Japanese fire and carried one drowning comrade 150 yards to shore. It was quite an accomplishment for a man who measured only 5 feet, 6 inches, and never tipped the scales to more than , 135 pounds. j ; Survived Air Crash . Through most, of his wartime duties, Filan was referred to by his ' co-workers co-workers co-workers as a man who bore a charmed .life. , In .1942, while covering an inspection of West Coast flying fields, the plane in which he was riding was struck by another plane hear Victorville. He was the only survivor but was listed among the dead for hours before he was found dazed and suffering from a spine injury, wandering in the desert. , Frank commented later that it was the only, time in more than 100 flights that he had ever worn a parachute "and the only time I ever needed one." It took a jeep accident along the Inner Mongolian border in 1946 to do what all other hazards had never accomplished invalid Filan back home. Filan's beat actually was Hollywood Hollywood and there were few in the film colony who did not know and respect him. Just after covering the Oscar awards in March, 1951, he was stricken with a blood clot. Two operations operations were performed for removal removal of brain tumors. The second second !d is c 1 o s e d a malignant growth which resulted in his death. Filan leaves his widow Katharine Katharine Tyler Filan; a daughter, Sheila, 10; a brother, Harold, who is an Associated Press photographer; another brother, Lennie, and his mother, Mrs. Marcella Filan, who came with him. from Brooklyn to Los Angeles Angeles in 1919. .r Funeral arrangements, In charge of White & Callanan Mortuary, will be announced today. today.

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