Company G of the 51st Regiment of Missouri Militia

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February 15, 1887 - George Marshall Van Bebber submitted his declaration for original Invalid Pension. He appeared before the Clerk of the Caldwell County Court and stated that he lived in Polo, Caldwell County; that he enrolled on the 1st of September 1862 in Company G of the 51st Regiment of Missouri Militia, Commanded by Captain W. Milstead. He gave his age as being 49 years. While in the line of duty on September 1, 1863, he incurred injury to his right eye from exposure which resulted in the total loss of his right eye. He was treated at Saint Louis Sister's Hospital from September 1 to September 10, 1863.

Since the end of the Civil War, he had lived in Caldwell County, Missouri. He was a farmer. George signed his Declaration in his own handwriting. The Declaration was witnessed by David A. Glenn and John F. McNew. It was stamped "received" in the Pension Office on February 21, 1887. It had been filed by R.L. Dodge, Attorney, Kingston, Caldwell County, Missouri.

August 4, 1887 - The Bureau of Pensions requested the War Department to provide a full report as to the service, disability, and hospital treatment of George M. Van Bebber. His Invalid Application was given number 598,773.

April 12, 1888 - Examiner William S. Fitch, submitted Invalid Application number 598,733 in the case of George M. Van Bebber, to the Board of Review for "rejection," the reason being that the 51st Regiment, of Missouri Militia was a State organization and the disabilities incurred therein were not pensionable under existing law.

April 17, 1888 - The Board of Review "rejected" Invalid Pension Application number 598, 733 in the case of George M. Van Bebber.