Deposition in support of his application for his Union Army pension:

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Deposition in support of his application for his Union Army pension

My name is Canada H. Rogers, my age is 59 years, my Post Office is Tazewell, Claiborne County, Tenn. I am a farmer. I was a 2nd Lieut in Company C, 1st Regiment Tenn Infantry. In December 1861 while at London, Ky I was taken sick with fever and went to the house of George Miller, a citizen. I was treated by Dr. Rogers, assistant surgeon of my regiment and afterwards by Dr. Doak, a civilian. I remained at Miller's house about 8 weeks when I joined my company at Summersette, Ky. just before the battle of Mill Springs. I did not go upon duty until Feby 1862. In November 1862 while on detached service I was captured by a rebel command under Major Montgomery and placed in prison in Knoxville, Tenn. where I remained until Jun 1863 when I escaped by jumping from a window 15 feet from the ground. I again joined my regiment at Lancaster, Ky about the last of June 1863 and went on duty.

In the winter of 1863-4 while with my company in Meigs County, Tenn I was attacked with rheumatism which I believe was caused by exposure while a prisoner in Knoxville. I went to the house of a man named Gaddis and remained there about 3 weeks. I was treated by a citizen physician whose name I have now forgotten. I was troubled with rheumatism more or less from that time until I was discharged from the service on the 17th day of September 1864 and from then until the present time.

In 1869 I became ruptured. My physician Dr. Lewis informed me that it was caused by weakness. I know of no other cause for it. After my discharge from the service Drs. Crank and Lewis treated me. Since my discharge from the service I have followed farming, having it carried on for me. I have never since my discharge been able to do any heavy or fatiguing labor. When I enlisted I was a healthy, able-bodied man and was entirely free from rupture or rheumatism. I have lived in Claiborne County for 47 years last past except about 12 years I lived in Campbell County a few miles distance from my old home in this county. I think Dr. Mitchell is the doctor's name who treated at Gaddis' house.
Canida H. Rogers
Subscribed and sworn to before me and I certify that I have no interest in this matter; this 8 day of July 1885.
H. Ritchie, Clerk
From the pension files of Canada Hodge Rogers, claim #544753.