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    CHARLES MAGILL CONRAD was born in Winchester, Frederick County, Virginia, on 24 December 1804; moved to Mississippi with his family as a boy; moved to Louisiana and was educated under a Dr. Huld at New Orleans; studied law in the office of Abner L. Duncan in that city; fought a duel in which he killed his opponent; was admitted to the bar and began the practice of law in New Orleans, 1828; married M. W. Angella Lewis; was elected to the Louisiana legislature in 1840 and served two terms; was appointed to the U.S. Senate in April 1842 to fill the unexpired term of Alexander Mouton, serving to March 1843; was defeated for reelection in his own right; served as a delegate to the Louisiana state constitutional convention, 1844; served in the U.S. House of Representatives, 1849�1850; resigned to accept appointment as Secretary of War in President Fillmore�s cabinet; served as Secretary of War, 15 August 1850�7 March 1853; recommended that another mounted regiment be raised for Indian service; proposed that local militia, provided with government arms, be formed to meet the Indian threat; urged that the government feed Indians who would abandon predatory habits and cultivate the soil; resumed the practice of law; served as a delegate from New Orleans to the state convention to ratify national and state tickets, 1860; served as a delegate to the Provisional Confederate Congress, February 1861; served as a representative from Louisiana to the Confederate Congress, 1862�1864; lost his estate through confiscation; resumed the practice of law after the Civil War; suffered a seizure while testifying in federal circuit court in New Orleans, 1878; died in New Orleans on 11 February 1878.

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