Uncle of famous Jacob & Joseph Beeler, brothers at Battle of King's Mountain 7 Oct. 1780. Came to Tennessee in 1796, Tax List of that year, Sullivan Co., Tenn.

1744 1
Conflict Period:
Revolutionary War 1
Army 1
Militia 1

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Full Name:
Joseph Beeler 1
1744 1

Revolutionary War 1

Army 1
Militia 1
Service Start Date:
1776 Undocumented 1
Service End Date:
Undocumented 1

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Lack of Military Service Record

It has been claimed for twenty years that Joseph Beeller 1744-1833 participated in the Battle of King's Mountain 7 October 1780. The claim was based on "proof" he had a brother named Jacob. The Jacob chosen was a Jacob Beeler 1750-1843. The "brother" proof was supposed to be in the "Beeler Family Bible", aka "Jacob Beeler Bible" or Underwood Bible, whenever the question came up on any forum.

The 1788 German Bible was discovered by a Ms. Shirley Underwood in 1947 and does exist. She is not related to the Beelers. All particulars of the "find" are now known. The owner before 1947 is not shown in the Bible. The whereabouts of this Bible has been known by a few for over sixty years even though the details had begun to be lost in the 1990's. The parents, wife, place of birth of Jacob Beeler 1750-1843 are not shown. His relationship to anyone is not in that Underwood Bible.   

Touted for years as the source for the family relationship to Ulrich and Maria Buehler. However, the so called "Bible" is three sheets copied in the 1980's from that Bible. It has been confirmed that those sheets are the "proof" referred to all along.

There is no "proof". There is nothing on those three sheets that shows, gives or insinuates any relation to anyone, even those listed on two blank fly sheets. All but possibly one name is only the given first names of what is most certainly several families.

The "story" that began in print in 1994 has finally been exposed in the Spring of 2014. The Military Serice for this person at King's Mountain never happened.  The behavior of those responsible for this ruse is disappointing.

The purpose was to creat a fictitious "brother" for Joseph Beeler 1744-1833. It was necessitated by depositions made during the "Isaac Shelby Dispute of 1823". Joseph Beeler 1762-1845 referred to his brother Jacob Beeler 1761-1842 in his deposition.

There are two real brothers, Jacob Beeler 1761-1842 and Joseph Beeler 1762-1845 that are the sons of John Valentine and Mary Turney Beeler. They came to North Carolina Territory in April of 1770 as 8 and 9 year boys. They were neighbors of Evan, John and Isaac Shelby from 1770.

The Uncle Joseph Beeler 1744-1833 did not arrive in Sullivan County Tennessee until 1796 and cannot possibly have met Evan Shelby and Isaac Shelby had moved years before. Just another "story" that never happened.

Joseph Beeler 1744-1833 most likely served in the Militia of Virginia. No documentation has been found and contributed to the attempt to claim the service of his neohews. The ruse began to unravel in December of 2009 yet still continues.

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