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Civil War (Confederate) 1
08 Aug 1846 1

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Joseph Samuel Stephens 1
08 Aug 1846 1

Civil War (Confederate) 1

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6th Regiment, Alabama Cavalry

6th Cavalry Regiment was organized at Pine Level, Alabama, during the spring of 1863. It contained men from Montgomery, Coffee, Tallapoosa, Pike, Barbour, Macon, Henry, and Coosa counties. The unit was brigaded under General Clanton, served for a time in Florida, then in August became part of the garrison at Montgomery. Later it was attached to Armstrong's command and saw action in various conflicts during the Atlanta Campaign. In August, 1864, the regiment returned to Clanton's Brigade and fought at Bluff Springs, Florida, and in southern Alabama. With less than 200 men it was included in the surrender of the Department of Alabama, Mississippi, and East Louisiana. Its commanders were Colonel C.H. Colvin, Lieutenant Colonel Washington T. Lary, and Major E.A. McWhorter.

Capture of the 6th Alabama Cavalry

Page 91 MARCH 25. 1865. James II. Cobb, Company A, First Florida Cavalry, sent out as scout to the railroad, has returned with James Keen, railroad engineer, William Laston, ni achinist, an(1 George Lampkin, fireman on the railroad between Tensas and Pollard. They caine down along the Perdido River, and give the following statements: The courier-line between Blakely and Pollard, via Williams, is broken up, all the bridges lately built by the rebels across the Perdido River having been washed away by high water. Trains are not running between Tensas Landing and Pollard. Everything from the Tensas machine-shops was sent up the Alabama River to Selma, and all the engines and cars were sent to Evergreen. All the iron material of the Escambia railroad iron bridge is hidden in the swamps about the railroad and can be taken out easily. There are 300 cavalry at Williams, 300 at Canoe Station, and 300 at Bluff Springs. At Blakely there were 6,000 rebels prepared to cross to Mobile if l)ressed by the Federals. All cattle, sheep, and hogs were driven out from this side the railroad to the head of Escambia River. None of Taylors army have returned from South Carolina to Mobile by railroad. ______________________________________________________ Page 120-121 By command of Brigadier-General Asboth: FRANK ENO, Assistant Adjutant- General HEADQUARTERS SEPARATE CAVALRY BRIGADE, Four Miles west of head of Perdido River, Ala., March 28, 18659 p. m. Lient. Col. C. T. CHRISTENSEN, Asst. Adjt. Gem., Military Division of West Mississippi: A bearer of dispatches leaves for your headquarters to-night. I have the honor to forward the followimig report: On the 25th instant we met a brigade composed of the Sixth and Eighth Alabama Cavalry, under command of Brigadier-General Clanton, between the Escambia and Canoe Creek; charged, and drove them in all (hirections, capturing General Clanton, who was severely wounded, 18 other officers, and 101 enlisted men, 1 battle-flag, belonging to the Sixth Alabama Cavalry, with a number of horses and arms. The destruction of the bridge over the Escambia prevented my whole force going on to Pollard. I sent one squadron. A force of infanti y pushed forward to that point, but found few of the enemy. Lieutenant-Colonel Spurlirig with his com- mand struck the railroad four miles above Evergreen and destroyed the track at that place and at other places. He captured two trains, with 125 prisoners, with horses, and railroad employ6s, and joined our col- umn at Pollard with no loss. Our loss in the fight of the 25th was very slight. The forces we have met are completely disorganized and scat-tered. I destroyed the Mobile railroad bridge over the Escambia, four miles this side of Pollard. We left Canoe Station this morning en route for Blakely. Our forage is entirely exhausted, and the country affords but aiX insufficient supply. Our rations also are nearly consumed, arid Major.General Steele desires that supplies may be in readiness for the 120 KY., S. W. VA., TENN., N. & C. GA., MISS., ALA., & W. FLA. command at some convenient point where it shall reach your communi-cations. I have sent a force to-night to make a reconnaissance to Montgomery Hill, which I believe will be successful. We may obta~ some forage from near the Alabama River. Very respectfully, your obedient servant, T. J. LUCAS, Brigadier- General, Commanding. Following copied from on 05/31/2014: Images of flag of 6th Alabama Cavalry Regiment before (L) and after (R) conservation treatment. (Next Page) Flag: 6th Alabama Cavalry, Catalogue No. 86.3972.1 (PN10138, PN10181) Provenance Reconstruction: Flags of this pattern were manufactured in Mobile, Alabama, and issued within the Department of Alabama, Mississippi and East Louisiana1. On July 16, 1903 two former members of the 6th Alabama Cavalry stated that the regiment was formed in March 1863 and that they "soon thereafter marched to Montgomery" where they received their regimental colors.2 The flag was captured on March 25, 1865 during an engagement which took place between Canoe Creek, Alabama and the Escambia River by Private Thomas Riley, Co. D, 1st Louisiana Cavalry. Private Riley was recommended for and received the Congressional Medal of Honor. The flag was forwarded to the U.S. War Department where it was assigned Capture Number 453. The flag and its staff were returned to the State of Alabama effective April 26, 1905. The staff, which had been separated from the flag, was located and positively identified in July, 1998. This flag received conservation treatment and was prepared for display by Textile Preservation Associates, Inc. of Sharpsburg, Maryland in March 1999 (see conservation report). Sources: Curator's Object Files, Civil War Flags, Alabama Department of Archives and History. U. S. War Department. American Decorations: 1862-1926. Washington, Government Printing Office, 1927. U.S. War Department. War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies. Washington Government Printing Office, 1880-1901.

TITLE: The war of the rebellion: a compilation of the official records of the Union and Confederate armies. / Series 1 - Volume 49 (Part II) AUTHOR: United States. War Dept., John Sheldon Moody, Calvin Duvall Cowles, Frederick Caryton Ainsworth, Robert N. Scott, Henry Martyn Lazelle, George Breckenridge Davis, Leslie J. Perry, Joseph William Kirkley PUBLISHER: Govt. Print. Off., Washington, 1897 Production Note: Cornell University Library produced this volume to preserve the informational content of the deteriorated original. The best available copy of the original has been used to create this digital copy. It was scanned bitonally at 600 dots per inch resolution and compressed prior to storage using ITU Group 4 compression. Conversion of this material to digital files was supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Digital file copyright by Cornell University Library 1995. This volume has been scanned as part of The Making of America Project, a cooperative endeavor undertaken to preserve and enhance access to historical material from the nineteenth century. ________________________________________________________

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