Stephen Early

Stephen Early

World War I · US Army · Lieutenant Colonel
World War I (1914 - 1918)
Conflict Period

World War I

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Lieutenant Colonel

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Served For

United States of America

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Stories about Stephen Early

    Stephen Tyree Early (August 27, 1889 - August 11, 1951) met Franklin D. Roosevelt while covering the 1912 Democratic Convention as a reporter for the United Press.

    From 1913 to 1917 Early was the Associated Press correspondent covering the Navy Department, during which time his acquaintance with Roosevelt and Louis Howe grew.

    After serving in World War I with an Infantry Regiment and the STARS AND STRIPES he returned to the United States and was asked by Roosevelt to be the advance man for the 1920 Vice Presidential campaign.

    After the election Early returned to the Associated Press, and in 1927 became the Washington representative of Paramount News.

    After the election of 1932, Franklin Rooosevelt asked him to serve as one of the White House Secretaries, and be responsible for press relations.

    Early held that post throughout the Roosevelt years, leaving government service June 1, 1945 to become Vice President of Pullman, Inc. He returned to the government as Under Secretary, later Deputy Secretary of Defense from April 1949 to June 1950. In December 1950 Early was briefly Press Secretary to President Truman, filling in after the sudden death of Charles G. Ross.

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