Conflict Period:
Revolutionary War 1
10 Mar 1761 1
Cork County, Ireland 1
10 Feb 1842 1
Keowee, Pickens District, South Carolina 1

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Personal Details

Full Name:
John Craig 1
10 Mar 1761 1
Cork County, Ireland 1
10 Feb 1842 1
Keowee, Pickens District, South Carolina 1

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John Nean Craig (1761 – 1842), Revolutionary Soldier and Patriot of Keowee Lake, Pickens Dist., South Carolina

John Nean Craig (1761 – 1842), Revolutionary Soldier and Patriot  

JOHN NEAN CRAIG was born March 10, 1761 in Cork or Down County, Ireland, and died February 10, 1842 in Keowee Lake Home, Pickens District, South Carolina.  He married (1) CLARKE.    He married (2) CATHERINE WILSONNovember 11, 1788 in Abbeville District, South Carolina, daughter of JOHN WILSON.  She was born 1767, and died September 29, 1859 in South Carolina. 

Child of JOHN CRAIG and CLARKE is WILLIAM H. CRAIG, b. December 13, 1785.        


The ten children of JOHN CRAIG and CATHERINE WILSON are:  


  1.   MARTHA CLARK CRAIG, b. July 21, 1792, South Carolina; d. January 03, 1876, Pickens County, South Carolina; m. ELISHA LAWRENCE, July 01, 1814; b. November 15, 1789, South Carolina; d. November 24, 1875, South Carolina.  


  1.   ARTHUR R. CRAIG, b. December 02, 1794, South Carolina; d. December 20, 1854, Pickens County, South Carolina; m. LUCINDA PARTHENIA GRESHAM, September 23, 1818; b. December 05, 1795, Pendleton District, South Carolina; d. October 07, 1875, Pickens County, South Carolina. ARTHUR R. CRAIG and LUCINDA GRESHAM are buried at CraigFamilyCemetery, Pickens County, South Carolina.  


  1.   AMANDA G CRAIG, b. December 05, 1795; d. October 07, 1825. Burial: CraigFamilyCemetery, Pickens County, South Carolina.  


  1.   MARGARET"PEGGY" CLARK CRAIG was born June 29, 1797 in South Carolina, and died after 1880 in Chickasaw County, Mississippi.  She married THOMAS DANIEL BOONFebruary 28, 1822 in Pickens District, South Carolina, son of NATHAN BOON and FRANCIS ANN.  He was born about September 16, 1800 in South Carolina, and died March 09, 1876 in Chickasaw County, Mississippi. MARGARET CRAIG and husband,THOMAS DANIEL BOON are buried at Boon's ChapelUnitedMethodistChurch, Okalona, Chickasaw County, Mississippi.  


  1.   ROBERT CRAIG, b. May 14, 1800, Pendleton District, South Carolina; d. November 07, 1876, Keowee, Oconee County, South Carolina; m. RACHEL ANN SPEED, February 17, 1825, Anderson, South Carolina; b. November 22, 1803, Pendleton District, South Carolina; d. July 06, 1881, Keowee, Oconee County, South Carolina. ROBERT CRAIG and RACHEL ANN SPEED are buried at CraigFamilyCemetery, Pickens County, South Carolina.  


  1.   JANE BROWN CRAIG, b. April 26, 1802; d. November 30, 1824; m. ANDREW MCMULLEN, November 30, 1824.  


  1.   ESTER G CRAIG, b. June 21, 1804; d. June 21, 1804. ESTER G CRAIG buried at CraigFamilyCemetery, Pickens County, South Carolina. 


  1.   MARY CRAIG, b. July 24, 1806.  


  1.    SARAH WILSON CRAIG, b. July 28, 1809, Pickens County, South Carolina; d. About 1846, Pickens County, South Carolina; m. ROBERT KNOX, February 17, 1835; b. July 28, 1809; d. 1891. SARAH WILSON CRAIG is buried at CraigFamilyCemetery, Pickens County, South Carolina.ROBERT KNOX is buried at New HopeBaptistChurch, Oconee County, South Carolina.


  1.   CATHERINE BROWN CRAIG, b. March 24, 1812; m. HIRAM GIBSON, April 25, 1833; b. January 03, 1807, South Carolina; d. Bef. 1875, Rabun County, Georgia.   



John Nean Craig 1761 - 1842, Revolutionary Soldier and Patriot 


John Nean Craig, a Revolutionary War soldier at the age of 15. His first marriage was to a Miss Clark who bore him a son, William H. on Dec. 13, 1785. His second marriage was to Catherine Wilson on Nov. 14, 1788. She bore him nine children. They lived on a 425 acre tract of land bordered on the west by KeoweeRiver, about half way between the old Pickens and Nimmons bridges. He was buried in the CraigCemetery, which has been moved because of the DukeLake which will cover the area, to a plot adjacent to OldPickensChurch cemetery. He died Feb. 10, 1842 at the age of 81. 

Source: "Many of the Craig Children prominent in Oconee Affairs"Keowee Courier Newspaper.






It is also to be noted that Lucinda Gresham married Arthur Craig.  He was a son of John Nean Craig, also a Revolutionary soldier of renown.   He owned the tract of land on which this burial ground is situated.  The youth of that day were the same as they are today. In that age men were heroic, and youth courageous.  Romance flourished, and what was more natural than that the sons and daughters of these distinguished soldiers should marry and establish homes of their own? 

John Nean Craig died, February 10, 1812, in his eighty-first year.  That he was a man of high ideals, strong convictions and vigorous action, is attested by the epitaph on yonder tombstone: reciting that he was a soldier during the Revolution, a patriot through life, and at death desired his epitaph to record his long cherished political creed ---  Free Trade. States Rights, Liberty or Death.   His was also the Christian faith, and though dead, he yet speaketh, after 123 years; and his words of wisdom would sound a reproach to time-serving politicians of the present day.  We can well imagine how he challenged and fought the Tories of his time; and how he would fight the Tories of the present who would bore from within and undermine the American system of Government for which these early patriots fought and died. 

The War of the American Revolution found many ready to take part in it, that a free and independent nation might be insured.  We have stood today by the graves of three of these patriots; John Craig, John Gresham and Lieut. Joseph Reid, and paid our tribute to them. 

Daughters of the Walhalla Chapter, I again congratulate you and commend you for your good works. We are enjoined in the Constitution of the National Society Daughters American Revolution to seek out and preserve such spots, and the Prophet of Holy Writ has further commanded us, Inquire, I pray thee, of the former age, and apply thyself to that which the fathers have searched out.  Shall they not teach thee, and tell thee, and utter words out of their heart?  


Honoring the Memory of Two Revolutionary Heroes, Lieutenant Joseph Reid and John GreshamCompiled by R. T. Jaynes

Reprinted from the Keowee Courier, Walhalla, SC  (Issues of Aug. 7, Aug. 14 and Aug. 21, 1935)


Commemorating the Revolutionary Services of Jno. Gresham and Lieut. Joseph Reid.  



Craig, John

Number W22864BLWt. 26494-160-55 

b. 1761, Ireland d. 10 February 1842 m. Catherine 

He moved to York District, South Carolina, at the age of fifteen and entered service under Col. Thomas Neel. He was sent against the Indians under Gen. Williamson. His second and third tours of duty were under Capt. Sadler and Col. Neel and he was sent to BlackSwamp to serve under Gen. Moultrie. He was in the battle at Stono. Next, he served under Lts. Hugh McClure and John Steele and Capt. John McClure. He was in the engagements at Mobley’s Meeting House and Ramsour’s Mill. He also served under Cols. Neel, Locke (of N.C.), Lacey and Bratton and Maj. Dickson. He was in the skirmish with Tories At Williamson’s Lane (Huck’s Defeat) and was in the battles at Rocky Mount, Hanging Rock, Congaree Fort, Blackstock’s Plantation, Thompson’s Fort and Fart Watson.

A.A.1569; P614; The Chester Standard, 16 March 1854.  

Source:Roster of South Carolina Patriots in the American Revolution. Volume I, A-J By Bobby Gilmer MossPage 211 



1785, 30 March; (Abbeville County, South Carolina) In land grants to Revolutionary soldiers in Abbeville County Court House Vol. 1-Page 241 states "John Craig, as a citizen two hundred acres of land situated above the Ancient Boundary Line on a branch of Saludy River called Rocky Branch, bounding on the Et on John Wilson's land, the other sides vacant." Recorded this 30 of March 1785. Robert Anderson C.L. (Catherine Wilson Craig was probably the daughter of John Wilson.) (John Wilson Senior?)


Pension File # W22864 of John Nean Craig

Pickens District, South Carolina

Rough Transcript of 

Pension File of John Nean Craig

Number W22864

BLWt. 26494-160-55  

The State of So. Carolina, Pickens District on this 3rd day of October 1832 

Personally appeared in open court before the Judge of Pickens Dist, John Craig resident of the state and district aforesaid aged seventy two years, 10 March 1761, who ___ first-duly sworn, according to Law, ___  on t__ oath make the following declaration in order to btain the benefit of the Act of Congress passed the 7th June 1832. 

That he enters the service under Col Thomas Neel at fifteen years of age in York Dist. So Carolina. I joined Gen Williamson Army at the Senica Fort (now of Pickens Dist) went on under Williamson and ajoisteco in defeating The Cherokee Indians on the waters of highwafse, my next tour way under the same Col. Neel on Savanna River. Capt. Sadler stele against the Cherokees,

My next tour under the same Col and ren davousea of Orangeburg So. Carolina was ordered to join Gen Moultreu atBlack Swamp retreated to Goosahatchie where there was a call for 130 illen to burn ____ Chulifinny Bridge under Col John Laurence. Who way wounded in the engagement retreated to the Main Army marchin’ to Charleston from Charleston marched to Stone to join Gen Linkhorn then follows the Battle of Stone near Charleston.

My next service was at Rocky Mount after the fall of Charleston commanded by Capt. Lt. McClure, Lt. Hugh and John Steele succeeded in defeating The Tory marched to Mobley Mutiny House defeated the Tories again.  _______ I went to YorkCounty in order to get recruited to join up book was disappointed only finding seven men willing to join me we went to No. Carolina near Salisburg, joined Col Lock pursued on after Col. Bryan to So Carolina way not able to overhaul him marched to Ramsoury Mills thee defeated the Tories then Marched to Charlott No. Carolina, joined Gen Sumtee & returned to So. Carolina then went on ascout after the Tory under Col. Neel Lacy Bratton ______. Dickson defeated the Tories and Bristish at Williamsons Lane Hill a  __ Robin Capt Hook then returned to main Army then Marched to Rocky mount. Attacked the Fort  __ way driven back. Lost Col Andrew Neel, Killed Marched from thence to hanging Rock, Stormed the encampment , drove the British and Tories, Lost Capt McClure, Killed, from thence marched to Congaree Fort. Attached  was unsuccessful from thence to Col Thompson attached the Fort ___ was unsuccessful  from thence to big Savannah where we took turn wagon loaded ___ way all loss again thence to Bluff Fort made way for No. Carolina (on our return) engaged with British Camden where each retreated thence to Blackstock drove the British again where Gen Sumter received a wounds the shoulder. I then joined Gen Hendering Party with whom I remained until a few days before the fall of Charleston way in the service in all about three years and six months a volunteer all the time. 

1st.  Where were you born & what year? In Ireland and year 1761 

2. Have you any record of your age? None that I can come of. 

3. Where were you living when called into Service where have you lived since the Revolutionary War & where do you now live?

  ____In York Dist. So. Carolina when I entered the Service have lived in said state and now live in Pickens Dstrict. 

4. How were you called into service? I entered as an volunteer. 

5. State some of the names of some of the regular officers who were with Troops such continentals a Militia Regiments any one can recollect and the General circumstance of your Service: 

They interigatory is answered in the body of my affidavid. I was part of my term under Gen. Green, Gen Henderin & Col Washington. 

6. Did you ever receive a discharge and so by whom was it given and what has become of it? 

I never receive any written discharge. 

Sworn to & Subscribed in open Court - John Craig

We Thomas Morgan a Clergy man residing in the State of South Carolina, Pickens District and Dairco Sloan residing same place hereby certify that

NSSAR Patriot # P-140271, ACN 52866, and NSDAR A027249

Keowee, Pickens District, South Carolina


  Ancestor #: A027249 Service:  SOUTH CAROLINA    Rank: PRIVATE

Birth:  3-16-1761    BELFAST NR IRELAND


Pension Number:  S*W22864

Service Source:  S*W22864

Service Description:  1) CAPTS SADDLER,MCCLURE

Residence 1) District: CAMDEN DIST - State: SOUTH CAROLINA  

Spouse Number Name  

Child Spouse





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