29 Aug 1890 1
May 1967 1

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Personal Details

Full Name:
Matson Sigler 1
29 Aug 1890 1
May 1967 1
Last Residence: Graettinger, IA 1
Bertha May Livingston 2
04 Feb 1914 2
Coon Rapids, Carroll, Iowa, USA 2
Divorce Date: 19 May 1924 2
Spouse Death Date: 08 Jul 1974 2
Social Security:
Card Issued: Iowa 1
Social Security Number: ***-**-4941 1

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Matson Sigler 1890 - 1967


Matson Sigler was born in RFD Dedham, Carroll County, Iowa Friday, August 29, 1890.  Matson was the fifth child of John Whetzel Sigler and Susan S Mowder.  He married Bertha May Livingston February 4, 1914 in Coon Rapids, Carroll County, Iowa.  They had three children and possibly a fourth.  The eldest Marion Edith Sigler married Henry William Whetsel and migrated to Grand Prairie Texas.  Next they had a son Milo Livingston Sigler who married Genevieve Thompson twice and then Margaret Mary Clark.  They migrated to Napa, California.  Next is a listing for John L Sigler born in January 1920 and no other information is available.  And last was Elwin Wiliam Sigler who gave his life for his country January 11, 1943.

Matson was born into a farming family and stayed a farmer for most of his life.  At some point he stopped farming and started a business renting farm equipment to local farmers in Greattinger, Palo Alto County, Iowa.  He is buried in Valley View Cemetery, Greattinger, Iowa.

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