Capt. James Humphrey (1714-93) fought in the Battle at Forts Montgomery and Clinton, was capture and spent the period from 1777 to at least 1780 as a POW.

Conflict Period:
Revolutionary War 1
29 Dec 1714 1

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Full Name:
Captain James Humphrey Sr 1
29 Dec 1714 1

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Ruttenber's  History of New Windsor (1911) reports a story about  Capt. James and his Regimental Commander, Lt. James McClaughry. "When the enemy rushed Ft. Montgomery (NY) on Oct. 6, 1777, Col. McClaughry and ...Humphrey, the cock of whose gun had been shot off, turned back to back and defended themselves desperately; they were assailed on all sides, and would undoubtedly have been killed, but a British Senator, who witnessed their spirit and bravery, exclaimed that it would be a pity to kill such brave men; then they rushed on and seized them...(p.196)."

Ruttenber then makes a footnote, saying "Humphrey was the brother-in-law of Col. McClaughry." There is a problem of interpretation here. Capt Humphrey Sr. (1714-93) and Capt. Humphrey Jr. (1740), father and son, served together under McClaughry. So who was the brave Capt. Humphrey, James Sr. or James Jr.? 

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