His name was Keever and the most Respected man you would ever meet ......... Granddaughter :)

Conflict Period:
World War II 1
16 May 1918 1

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Full Name:
Gurney McKeever Cornett 1
16 May 1918 1

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  1. Contributed by october_gal879


He was called Keever and served in the Pacific.  Keever was Bull Halsey's boat cockswain.


Paw, I miss you greatly and miss you calling me bubbles and you will be happy and honored to know that I gave my son your middle name and he is alot like you were.  I miss those bear hugs and I am honored to be your granddaughter.   You taught me many things but most of all I love listening to the stories that are still told today.  I wish that you were here to meet your great great daughter just as stubborn as you. ;)  I am glad that I found this page and you should be honored for your military service b/c I am proud of you.

Love and miss you alot your bubbles

Rena J. Snyder-Mena Granddaughter

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